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Bullying and ignorance: some people never learn

July 26, 2012
Sherry Stone Yetter, Washington, D.C. , Times-Republican

What happens when a bully grows up? In a normal society one assumes the bully learns from the errors of youth and no longer desires to gain attention, friendship or power from his/her peers via the forces of intimidation. We remember the bully from our childhood who made fun of classmates, turned friends against friends and coerced others to participate in the bullying out of fear, and we remember the bully who took victim intimidation to a physical level. What happens to those bullies who choose to continue this form of abusive behavior as adults? Simple, they find a new playground in the workplace or a new outlet to espouse their hate and ignorance as recently exhibited in a Times-Republican letter to the editor, "We should be able to express our displeasure with homosexuality" (July 25, 2012).

The article questions why laws are being written to protect victims of bullying and in the next sentence, blames the need on the so-called "homosexual agenda." I fail to see the connection and/or the logic behind his theory. How is homosexuality to blame for how a bully chooses to behave toward others? Bad behavior is bad behavior and homosexuality has nothing to do with it. It is the next comment, however, that takes his thoughts to a bizarre realm as he compares the new bully laws to the strict regulations and lifestyle control of China's Mao-ist era thereby implying our children will now be arrested on the playgrounds and "forced" to turn in their parents if they are gay. Somehow I sincerely doubt that is the intent of the lawmakers who are writing the new bully laws.

The author of the article clearly demonstrates why the new bully laws are needed. It is the right of all citizens to expect to be protected from hate and ignorance. I hope the new bully laws will encourage parents and children to openly talk and educate themselves about bullying, lifestyle choices of all types and discuss how to combat hate and ignorance. People should not be afraid to say loudly and proudly who they are regardless of whether they are gay, straight, transgender etc. This country was built by embracing change and diversity. I can only hope that people like the author of that hateful article will someday learn to embrace and love everyone.



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