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We should be able to express beliefs

August 14, 2012
Becky Flora, Tama , Times-Republican

In regard to the Letter to the Editor from Mr. Dahle published Aug. 6, I would like to make several comments. Mr. Dahle seems to link bullying with homosexuality. I agree that bullying is wrong in any form. I feel that bullying often comes from a lack of knowledge on the part of the bully, or perhaps as a retaliation for some abuse that the perpetrator experienced in their past, or even fear can be a cause. People are bullied for many reasons, not just sexual orientation, but whatever the reason it is unacceptable.

Having said that, I fail to see the connection of the owner of the Chick-fil-A having the right to express his beliefs. Where this man contributes his money is his business alone. Have we sunk so low in this country that we no longer allow varying beliefs or opinions to be given without fear of some group calling "foul." No pun intended. This is not a church/state issue. It is the opinion of one man and what he believes to be right for him and his company. No one at this restaurant was ever denied to be served, or not treated with respect. He has the right to live his life according to his faith without retaliation from anyone.

It is then that I read with tongue in cheek the last paragraph of Mr. Dahle's letter. I quote, "No one is forcing anyone to accept homosexuality, but as DECENT people we should at least tolerate other views. If you cannot tolerate another based on race, gender, sexual orientation, (and I would like to add, religious freedom), then you are rightly labeled a discriminator."

So my question to Mr. Dahle is just who is the discriminator? In Jesus' words, "Go and sin no more."



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