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Bullying hurts, but I won’t sign the pledge

August 19, 2012
Darrell G. Meyer, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Bullying - to deliberately intimidate or persecute those who are weaker.

I know what it's like to be bullied.

In elementary school, one older kid would come to my neighborhood and, if I was alone, he would fold me so my knees touched my ears and lay on me so I could not breath, and make me walk in water or mud to ruin my shoes/clothes. I never told anyone.

Another group of high school kids would corner me at basketball games and encircle me, push back and forth and taunt me - asking me about my parents' sex life. I never told anyone.

Another group of older kids in the neighborhood would tease me about the shape of my head when ever they saw me.

Believe me when I say bullying hurts and is wrong. Still, I cannot sign the anti-bullying pledge as urged in the T-R.

I can no more pledge to be intolerant of intolerance, than I can pledge to hate hating. Intolerance and hate require an object. It is the object of the hate or intolerance that we must judge. For example, is it wrong to hate child molestation? Certainly not. No society could long endure by tolerating everything.

So before I pledge my intolerance, I also need to know just what I am being asked to tolerate.

The pledge says I will oppose "negative action toward any person based on ...sexuality." Sexuality means a capacity for sexual feelings, orientation or preference. Some people are sexually drawn to children (pedophilia), others animals (bestiality) and others cadavers (necrophilia). Others have unhealthy appetites for sex (nymphomania). So on its face the pledge requires that I refrain from opposing these sorts, lest I be labeled a bully. I am sorry but I cannot comply.

And does the pledge accommodate faith-based, public opposition to homosexuality? If so, plainly say so. You know what happened to Chick-Fil A. Are God-fearing Christians next?



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