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Democrats are stirring the pot

August 26, 2012
Gloria Welp, Newton , Times-Republican

I read with a chuckle the easy fix Letter to the Editor prescribed as to how to fix the Social Security/Medicare problem. If that was such a simple fix, why hasn't Obama come up with it? He has no plan other than to put more debt on our country. If you think Obamacare is going to be a simple fix, and save us money what do you think about $700 billion plus being taken out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. That is taking money away from our Medicare.

The media is trying to take a punch at Congressman Paul Ryan saying that he is going to take Medicare away, when the truth is he is not. Also, his budget died and is past history, so why do the Dems want to keep stirring the pot? Why, because they don't have any real plan and they know it. So what do they do, they come out with all kinds of distortions of the real facts. Ryan's budget was to leave Medicare as is for people age 55+ and save Medicare from bankruptcy. If Medicare is going bankrupt, what do you think will happen to Obamacare?

Health care as written by Obamacare is going to put Washington bureaucrats between us and our doctors, they are going to say what medical care we can and can't have.

We need healthcare but not the kind that the Obamacare is prescribing and at the cost. There are some good things it has provided, but basically it will end up rationing care.



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