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Everyone should pay their fair share

September 2, 2012
Don Plahn, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

U.S. Sen. Tom Harken and his family receive tremendous entitlements, as do all the senators and congressmen.

I believe they are entitled to not participate in Social Security and that they have their own retirement program (after one term) and it transfers to their heirs when they die. They are entitled to not share in the Affordable Care Act, they have their own health care program which will transfer to their heirs when they die (this doesn't happen in the real world).

They are entitled to vote for their own salary increases, of course they have to wait till their next term to collect (bummer). Their gratuity (I would say wages but people have to work for those) comes completely out of our taxes and we have nothing to say about it (bad legislation).

In summary, there is no free lunch (not even with food stamps) somebody has to pay.

The same applies to the Affordable Care Act, somebody has to pay (guess who).

I recall President Obama said "everyone should pay their fair share." Too bad congress was out of town when he made that statement.

There is nothing fair about our representatives not being required to participate in the legislation they pass for us.

I will negate Special Agent Gibbs Rule No. 6 if I am wrong on what I have stated. I am also the kind of person that will tell you "I told you so" if I get a chance.

Remember: Come November, you will get what you vote for, even if it is bad legislation.



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