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Glass-Steagall Act should be heard by Congress

September 5, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Wake up! Wake up, people of America! This once proud country under the President John Kennedy Administration is no longer for the good of we the people. Our hour of doom is fast approaching. To date there are 80-plus, mostly Democrats, and a few Republicans, endorsing and co-sponsoring Glass-Steagall HR 1489. But President Obama won't allow this action to be discussed in the full Congress. If Glass-Steagall isn't passed we the citizens will be forced to pay this illegal debt. We have been forced to pay for the stimulus action which did nothing to relieve the debt. But then there is no talk about this by the Republicans either. Two nights in a row "Night Line" has shown what we the citizens have to look forward to if Glass-Steagall isn't passed by the full Congress.

The health bill, won't even compare to the illegal derivative debt that will be on our shoulders unless we the people wake up and remove Obama now. There are many other infractions that he should be removed for, but too many for this letter.

So you say, we'll just vote for Mitt. No, he is just the other side of the same coin as puppets of the British Royalty. Have you noticed that Tony Blair follows Obama constantly? You would think that we elected him. Dump Obama now. The LaRouche team presents three actions that must work together - Glass-Steagall, United Stated Federal Credit System and NAWAPA XXI- which is a plan promoted by President Kennedy bringing water from Alaska and Canada down through western U.S. clear to Mexico. Had we had this implemented by Kennedy we could have had it performing against this drouth. By the way, why haven't the presidents following Kennedy not continued his policy? No guts with war on their mines and knowing what happened to the two presidents following the Abe Lincoln assassination.

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