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People who oppose homosexuality aren’t people who hate

September 6, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown

In Joshua Dahle's recent letter he writes about tolerance, bullying and homosexuality in a confusing way, on purpose. The gay coalition/anti-God people know that "intentional confusion" is the only way they can lift up their human ideas. Non-believers don't want scriptural clarification; they only want to promote their human beliefs - they hide behind this confusion hoping we are not aware and won't catch them. Joshua's non-Christian ideas aren't supported by scripture. As an un-believing revisionist, he talks as if he has a right to change God's words. Joshua's letter is the theme of all non-believers - mix subjects together just to cause confusion. Joshua claims that the "Christian stance" is what's wrong with his "intelligent world" and his desire to progress. I must tell you Joshua; progressing away from God's lifestyle is not progression - it is regression and ends in ones eternal destruction. Adam and Eve were progressives - it cost them their home, constant companionship with God and brought their physical death. Your accusations are false that all people who oppose homosexuality are people who hate, or discriminate. Actually, the people who refuse to tell scripture's truth are those hateful, discriminating folks you speak about - how can telling you the truth make us a person of hate? God forbids the Christian to hate anyone, even his enemies. We have a moral responsibility to stand up and oppose those who claim humans have a better idea then scripture. Non-believers have no Biblical understanding but act as though sin means nothing to God. God says that sin results in death. Unbelievers would let a person die in their sins, rather than tell the truth that sin needs forgiveness, repentance and a changed lifestyle. Wouldn't you rather know the moral truth then believe a human theory? You seek tolerance but only when it comes to your statements. I "gotta" tell you folks, Jesus said that if people refuse to give him praise, he can make rocks send forth their voices. As long as Christians live we are to proclaim scripture as the only truth worth living. My friend says "there should be no reason to express displeasure with homosexuality." Someday, as he is heading past the throne of judgment, perhaps he can shout this theory, one last time. Joshua, I write these words out of love. I pray your conscience is not hardened beyond the spot where the holy spirit cannot enter.



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