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Politicians need honesty, practicality

September 9, 2012
John J. Clayton, Grinnell , Times-Republican

VP candidate Paul Ryan and other Republicans spoke at Iowa events on Wednesday. Many lies and half-truths formed their speeches that blasted Democrats carried out: A gusher of spending, voter fraud, ushering in big government, welfare reform rolled back, small business being degraded, raising business taxes up to 40 percent by January, more jobs lost in the last four years than since the Great Depression and raiding 750 billion dollars from Medicare like it is a piggy bank to use for other programs.

Republicans should have come out instead to say: Yes, we Republicans along with Democrats created the massive national debt; yes, we Republicans were in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency for eight years leading into the economic Great Recession and now, we, the new Republican Party will drastically reduce the national debt through spending cuts and tax reforms. We will stop the blame game and social culture attacks in order to not only save America from a Greek-like disaster, but for America to regain strength, a revived economy second to none.

Honesty with practicality would get my vote. Both political parties are guilty of not being honest nor of giving a solid way forward.



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