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Schultz defends emergency voting rules

Secretary of State speaks to Pachyderm Club

September 15, 2012
By ANDREW POTTER - Staff Writer ( , Times-Republican

Matt Schultz said it's usually his goal to stay out of the media. This week that has been virtually impossible.

Speaking to the Marshall County Pachyderm Club Friday, the Iowa Secretary of State defended his recent actions creating emergency voting rules.

He said a list of 3,582 people in the state who have driver's licenses are erroneously on the voter registration list despite being non-citizens, and many could have already voted in previous elections.

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Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz talks to the Marshall County Pachyderm Club
Friday at Cecil’s Cafe.

"To me, if a non-citizen is voting, that is an emergency," Schultz said.

Schultz, a Republican, said this is not an issue that's a Republican or Democratic issue.

"Non-citizens shouldn't be voting in the state of Iowa," he said. "This isn't about partisan politics."

Schultz wants to get access to a federal database to help them find the names of those who are current citizens to make his list more up to date. He said the federal government has not come through with the list.

"We thought we'd have it by now," Schultz said.

This idea has not been met warmly by several groups, including the ACLU, which is suing his office.

"This isn't going after any specific group of people," he said.

On an different issue, Schultz said he will continue to push for his proposed Voter ID bill, which would require voters to display photo identification at the polls. The Legislature did not pass it last year, bus Schultz still believes strongly in it.

"I know Voter ID is the right thing to do and I'm not going to stop with that," he said.

Schultz, a former lawyer and Council Bluffs native, admitted he stands firm on things he believes in, even if it's landing him in the headlines more than would have liked.

"It's been an interesting run the last few months," he said.

The Pachyderm Club will next meet at noon Friday at Cecil's Cafe with House candidate Dean Fisher scheduled to speak.



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