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A response to letter writer

September 26, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Thank you, Adam Livingston, for responding to my letter - you gave our Bible Study an opportunity to pray for your misunderstanding. We won't even try to untangle those vile complaints about "The hateful God of the Old Testament." Where would we start? Every one of them is false; yet you claimed them to be your truths. Your letter allows us to see who you are - an atheist who is angry at God and those who live by scripture. It also shows our community that there are two standards of measure in this world - Christians are "measured" by God's written word and our faithfulness to it. Your manner of measuring is the way all unbelievers look at life, testing humanity through false, human theories.

Christians stand on our Spiritual podiums telling and believing that the superior way to live is through the "living, breathing word of God." Atheists stand at their podiums espousing "superior, human intellect" telling the world the importance of their untested ideas - at the same time, living as if they were true. Atheism is a disbelief in God, thinking that humans, alone, can save them-selves from eternal death. You embrace humanism, but fail to tell the pitfalls of that belief - they are many and eternally fatal. You should recognize humanism because all God-haters are in this group. With your human views, you prattle against Christians because you find it hard to believe that God would choose 12 ordinary men to preach the heavenly news of salvation.

Probably the reason you find God so offensive is that the common people accept him and your pride abhors that thought. Your anger against God is not new; you received this inheritance from a long line of predecessors who stood on the same podium - accepting everything Satan sent their way. There is absolutely no common ground between atheism and Christianity for we make different choices. Christians choose to reveal the truth of God while you choose the failure of human theory. Unbelievers simply refuse to accept that God tests us by "his word," not the fantasy of an educated mind. You proclaim that the New York Times is one of your sources for facts. Christians know that these folks are some of the most liberal people in America. There are no rules that hold them accountable to anyone, or anything. Christians will always proclaim scripture as their true source. Praise God, he is alive!



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