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Political signs need OK from property owners

October 10, 2012
Joel Ibarra, Ames , Times-Republican

I read the recent letter to the editor about signs being stolen from people's yards. I could not agree more that this should not be happening. However, I have talked to a number of people in our community that have reported to me that political signs were placed in their yards without their permission. This should not be happening.

Every politician should ask permission from the person living at the property if they want a sign in their yard. For the last several months we have found out that many of the signs that have been taken down were put up without the individuals consent in the first place. Going back to the comment on freedom of speech, yes, according to the bill of rights, each individual has the freedom of expression, but with this freedom also comes consent.

Nothing should be placed on private property without the consent of those whom the property belongs to. This is not a partisan issue. It is issue of property and freedom of expression. The "stealing" of signs is a despicable act but far more so is the act that certain individuals are engaging in, by infringing upon the rights of other at their personal gain. This is being done so by placing signs without authorization, on private property. This is an act that will not be tolerated and needs the immediate attention of all in the community.



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