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Trout coming to Marshalltown

October 13, 2012
By TODD REED , Times-Republican

A rare species (to Central Iowa) of fish will be coming to Marshalltown next weekend. Two thousand Rainbow Trout will be delivered to Sand Lake on Oct. 20 for the first ever Sand Lake Trout release. This is the first time Marshall County has received trout from the Department or Natural Resources. Marshall County has been on the waiting list for several years. Mike Stegmann, Marshall County Conservationist, has been working hard with the DNR to make this project finally happen.

At about 11 a.m., next Saturday DNR officials will stock about 2,000 Rainbow trout into the northwest body of water at the Sand Lake County Park. The level of Sand Lake, much like all bodies of water in the area right now is very low. This will allow the trout to be somewhat trapped in the back pond area. Anglers of all ages are invited out to test their skills in catching these scrappy fish. This is a program that the DNR has been doing for several years in other bodies of water throughout the state. It is a "put and take" program offered by the DNR, thus meaning the trout are to be harvested for meals, as they will not reproduce in Sand Lake.

In order to fish for and keep trout species in the state of Iowa, you must have a valid fishing license and a proper trout license (purchased for $13) in order to keep the trout. You do not need a trout license if you are fishing at Sand Lake and will not keep the trout. Please check a copy of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Fishing Rules and Regulations booklet for any questions regarding trout licenses. There will be numerous County and Iowa Department of Natural Resource officers at Sand Lake to help you with any concerns or questions before fishing.

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The Tri-County Bass Club of Marshalltown are just one of many local sponsors of the Trout Event next Saturday at the Sand Lake Recreation Area. Bass club members show a dozen rods, reels, and tackle packs donated by the group.  

Not only will Rainbow Trout be stocked in Sand Lake next weekend, there is also a free event that coexists with this exciting trout release. Stegmann, and the Marshall County Conservation Board have set up a fun event. Here are the details: The trout release will begin at 11 a.m. and run until 2 p.m. Everyone is invited to come out to Sand Lake and try their luck with the trout. Remember, to purchase the proper licenses before coming to the lake if you want to keep the trout. During the event, there will be 200 trout that will have a special tag on them. If you catch one of those trout, you will win some great prizes. The following area businesses and organizations have donated items for this cause: Ben's Tire, Dean Elder Jr., Fastenal, The General Store, Home Rental Center and Sales Co., Kmart, Menards, Southard Implement, Theisens, Tri County Bass Club of Marshalltown and Tri State Lock.

Remember, the event is free and you do not have to register to win one of the dozens of prizes to be given away. When participating in the event, participants may only use one rod/reel at a time with one lure/hook attached, which is different from state regulations. Anglers that catch tagged fish will be awarded prizes, however one angler may only win three prizes. This will allow numerous people to become prize winners that day. If you are under the age of 16, remember you must have an adult with you that has a fishing license to be able to participate in any fishing activities.

This event would be a great place to be even if you are a novice angler. Trout stockings are made available so that all levels of anglers can catch some fish. When coming to the trout event please keep in mind that there are only a limited number of parking spots available at the Sand Lake Recreation Area. Please park so the lot can hold as many vehicles as possible. Also, know ahead of time that hundreds of anglers could be participating in this event. There are plenty of fish for all, and remember to respect all anglers as you find a spot to fish along the bank of the northwest section of Sand Lake.

Trout is a species, like mentioned before, that is new to the area. I grew up in northeast Iowa, and Trout are a common thing in streams in that part of the state. I have trout fished several times years ago and they are just like any panfish. They want to eat small things. So, bring plenty of small leadhead jigs with several colors of plastic baits to lure the trout in. Trout also like small spinners, like a roadrunner, or a beetle spin type of bait. Another great lure for them is an inline spinner. Those baits should have you catching your share of Rainbow Trout next Saturday, just remember, they have small mouths, so small baits will be important to use.

If you plan to keep the trout you catch, look around for some recipes this weekend. Grilled or baked Trout is the most common way to prepare them. Also, they are not cleaned the same way as a walleye, bluegill, or crappie either. The best way to learn is to go online and watch a YouTube video. Search for; "Randy Johnson how to clean rainbow trout." It is a two minute film that shows the easy step to cleaning trout. Cleaning the fish properly, and cooking it correctly will make for a terrific meal.

If you have any questions about fishing for trout, please refer to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources fishing guide. These are free anywhere you purchase licenses. Also, if you can't make this event, the DNR will be doing another stocking in March at Sand Lake. An additional 2,000 trout will be released, with 200 of them being Brown Trout.


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