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Yes, we’re better off than four years ago

October 21, 2012
Sue Blaisdell, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

The Times-Republican has lost my confidence. The endorsement for Romney sounds like a canned article put out by the right-wing spin machine. It is loaded with platitudes, inaccuracies and outright lies. I wish I had the time and a word limit large enough to refute each and every statement, but I don't, so I will concentrate on the two questions posed which are also screwy, since one refers to our country and the other refers to the individual reading the article.

Is the U.S. better off than it was four years ago? Yes, the U.S. has a better image in the world and a more stable economy than George W. Bush left for President Obama. I, too, am healthier and happier than I was four years ago.

Will I be better off four years from now? Yes, I will be better off in four years regardless of who is president, because I am motivated and able to improve my own lot in life. But our nation, as a whole, with a Romney presidency will need to look forward to more intrusion of religion into the lives of individuals, to social programs serving fewer needs and fewer people, to higher taxes on the poor and lower taxes on the rich, to more war and belligerence in the international sphere, to environmental degradation, and to an economy that is stimulated so much by relaxing regulations on corporations that the increases are not sustainable.

To me, the choice is clear: Barack Obama for President.



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