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Guns on TV affect minds

December 19, 2012
Colleen Eflin, Beaman , Times-Republican

When girls are killed in Iowa, and youth go mad with guns because of being laughed at, it is time to remove the real sources of influence: bullying, false education and TV murders. Marshalltown has done well on the first remedy; now let us progress for good TV and Christian education. Good sense can discuss the need to remove guns from TV and put forth decent programs that teach people to be kind and to think right. The educators are trained to teach youth to act on their feelings; this is wrong. It does not solve problems to be selfish. Even so-called sex education encourages wrong actions, and then many end in jail for touching. It is sad to see so many young people sent to prison. It seems like good people are tricked into doing wrong, and then the really bad ones go free.

An animal or bird does not mate to make love; they make a family. Then they take care of the family. Humans should teach common sense for happy parenting and Bible education. The Bible has right teachings for purity and will solve the problems of life. Fortunately, many of us grew up in the good times of Christian America, before TV.

If we know our spirit life is going to live forever and give an account for actions, we will live as a happy family toward our neighbors. When welfare gives more to singles with children, than what wage earners receive, it is wrong. We choose to live right; or go the opposite direction. Children only do what they see. There seems to be a push to send Christian America into weakness and failure; so other religions can take over. True Christian love has power, so why be afraid to teach Bible truth? It made America strong. We need purity for our eyes and ears; then we will not think about killing or doing wrong. It may be tough to remove TV evil and the money that promotes it; but we can start uniting. Thank you for your courage. Stand strong against all evil, and know the sources of child behavior; for it will continue to multiply more wrong doing, in a dark fearful world.



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