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Glacial ice map tells interesting history

February 23, 2013
By GARRY BRANDENBURG , Times-Republican

GLACIERS don't just happen without a cause. Likewise, they do not melt into retreat without powerful cosmic influences way beyond the scope of the average human being to understand. It will be impossible to condense in one short essay all the details of why glaciers develop and move under their own immense bulk only to be followed thousands of years later by the inevitable loss of ice as melting takes place. However, the history of Iowa is well documented by evidence left behind in the present day land forms of our state, glacial rocks left behind that fell out of glacial ice tongues, and river systems shaped by huge torrents of glacial melt water cutting through the land's surface. Iowa's geologic history tells us that at least eight or nine previous major glaciations impacted our landscape. It was and still is an on-going geologic experiment, only this time human beings are living during the present day inter-glacial warm period. Be glad we are living during the warmer times between glaciers. The alternative of trying to adjust and adapt to an impending advancing ice age is a case where there are way more losers than winners. But we can rest easy since any of the above scenarios take place on geologic time frames, far and away more lengthy than any human life span.



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