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Volunteers honored at the Iowa Veterans Home

July 3, 2013

Volunteers were recently celebrated at the Iowa Veterans Home 39th annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon and Awards Program in the Malloy Leisure Resource Center. The theme for the luncheon was "Volunteers - Making a difference in the lives of others."

The event began with a welcome from Volunteer Services Coordinator, Aimee Deimerly-Snyder.

"Celebrating volunteers is what it is all about. We have 189 registered volunteers that have given at least 2+ hours in the last year and 449 unregistered volunteers that gave at least an hour. We had 48 volunteers giving over 100 hours of their time. We had 16 volunteers that each gave over 300 hours. If that isn't something to celebrate I don't know what is," Deimerly-Snyder said.

Article Photos

George and Kay Bell are shown receiving the Commandant’s Award from Commandant David Worley. Together they have volunteered more than 7,473 hours since 2005.

After the welcome the invocation was given by IVH Chaplain Angela Doty, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Brad Shipley, Activities Center supervisor. Carl Giannetto, "Carl the Card," provided comedy entertainment for the volunteers following lunch.

The celebration meal was prepared by the IVH Food & Nutrition staff. IVH social workers, recreation therapists and support services staff volunteered to help with the event by decorating the room, manning the registration table, taking pictures and helping the food service staff serve the food and clear the dishes.

Commandant David Worley welcomed the volunteers and invited guests to the awards ceremony. Worley was followed by a greeting from the City of Marshalltown given by Mayor Pro Tem Bethany Wirin. Words of thanks to the volunteers from IVH Resident Council President Mike Croskey were also read.

Certificates of Service were presented to 15 organizations whose members are actively involved with volunteering at IVH or who are represented on the IVH Volunteer Advisory Committee. Certificates were also issued to 20 additional groups and churches in honor of their members who volunteered at IVH in 2012-13.

The commandant selected George and Kay Bell, of Marshalltown, as the recipients of the 2013 Commandant's Award. They started volunteering in March 2005, volunteering both together and separately several times a week. The Bells have received the Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Dedicated Services, IVH Pin, 1,000 Hour Bar, 2,000 Hour Bar and 3,000 Hour Bar. This year they will receive the Continuous Service Certificate for volunteering a combined 844 hours this year and a combined cumulative total of 7,473 volunteering as a recreation assistants.

"To the 638-plus volunteers at the Iowa Veterans Home - from the bottom of my heart and from the hearts of the people who are the reason we are all here, the residents, we thank you," Deimerly-Snyder said.

For more information contact Aimee Deimerly-Snyder, volunteer services coordinator, at 641-753-4406 or by email at

Years of service awards were as follows:

35-Year Award - Marjorie Reinhardt, Lavon Juhl, Marjorie Diggins and Pauline Kinder

Long-Term Service Award - Barbara Baltisberger

Additional awards presented were as follows:

20,000 Hours of Service - Doris Lemker

5,000 Hours - Deloris Clayton

2,000 Hours - Duane Noelck and Dick Matney

1,000 Hours - Tom Renze, Bev Risius and Sandra Husak

750-hour pin - Arlene Kremer, Sara Schwab, Dita Boorom and Pat Williams

Certificates of Dedicated Service for 500+ hours - Brad Collins, Charles Starr, Eleanor Lott, Veronica McKenzie, Beth Anson, Maralee Kruse and Rose Ann Jero

Certificates of Merit for 300+ hours - Carolyn Stanley, Bob Burris, Gary Fulton, Dean Light, Adam Risius, Cecil Taylor, Margaret "Marty" Bowman, Lillian Gummert, Carol Finger and John Sagar

Certificates of Appreciation for 100+ hours - Norman Charlton, Larry Lemker, Linda Bruce, Midge Horton, Jim Lowe, Janet Lowe, Lynn McGivern, Margaret McDowell, John Lang, Dave Bolton, Adan Reischauer, Darlene Light, Thomas Sosack, Mike Shillinglaw, Terry Slickers, Monica Schneider, Rudy Frye, Janell Mikkelson, Barbara Ketels and Chuck Reisetter

Home Volunteering Awards - Evelyn Caloud, Norbert Caloud

Youth Awards - Kaylee Clemens, Adan Reischauer and Logan Thompson

Certificates of Continuous Service - Olaf Grosland, Rex Lewis, Colleen Goodman, Cheryl Harris, Marjorie Diggins, George Bell, Kay Bell, Helen Sagar, Marjorie Neymeyer, Phil Kohler, Evelyn Caloud, Ruth Matney, Marjorie Reinhardt, Lavon Juhl, Lois Slaba, Chuck Herdlick, Linda Medhus, Jack Kessler, Howard Braden, Peggy Dejardin, Wayne Beasley, James Jenness, Cecil Buschbom, Lillian McGivern, Delores Popp, Jerry Zeihan, Norbert Caloud, Doug Bailey, Ila Van Dyke, Marge Dietz, Sue Beurskens, Edith Armbrecht, Kathy Kohler, Bob Popp, Connie Pugh, Karla Brannaman, Blanche Haynes, Barbara Baltisberger, Edith Podhajsky, Sharon Stevens, Marilyn Yuska, Jim Beierschmitt, Martha Breja, Larry Yuska, Kaitlyn Hill, Wayne Tibbets, Glen Christen, Roger Dirks, Helen Burman, Cathy Manning, Ruth Jacobson, David Cummings, Sheridan Redfearn, Danielle Pierce, Mark Manning, Bob Streeter, Don, Marvin Mattfeld, Laverne, Linda Barnes, John Eich Jr. and Gerry Frost



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