Speedway Report

The racing action was great and when all the dust settled it was Jake Strayer (IMCA Modifieds), Jimmy may (Mod Lites), Austin Luellen (IMCA Hobby Stocks), Clint Luellen (IMCA Northern SportMods) and David Brandies (IMCA Stock Cars). Open Quads went to Travis Brandt.

Erin Turner and Jason Whitehead started on the front row in the Mod Lites 15 lap feature event and it was Whitehead grabbing the lead away. Whitehead led the first five laps before Jimmy May took the lead away on lap six after working his way from seventh starting spot. Jimmy May went on the win over Mike Morrill. Cory Sauerman took third, Randy Bryan was fourth and Jason Whitehead was fifth.

Toby K’s Hideaway IMCA Hobby Stock feature had troubles getting one lap in before the caution came out when Nathan Gibson had a rear wheel came off that collected Eric Stanton, Garrett Eilander, Eugene Nicklas, Andy Peck and Brandon Pitts. When the race finally got going it was Tim Barber taking the lead lap one but on lap two, Barber was in a battle with Gary Pfantz and Austin Luellen. Pfantz led laps two and three but it was Austin Luellen grabbing it away on lap four. Luellen and the field saw the caution come out on lap seven twice but it was Luellen that was not to be denied as he took his 5th win of the season at Motown. Stanton worked his way through the field to finish second after being involved in the first caution. Tyson Overton, Pfantz and Dustin Lynch rounded out the top five.

Kevin Yearington took full advantage starting on the pole of the IMCA Northern SportMods 18 lap feature event as he led lap one but shortly after spun on the exit of turn two bring a caution. Scott Williams was given the lead but the caution came out two more times before another lap was scored. Williams lead until lap four when Sam Wieben took the spot away. Wieben looked to be cruising on to the win but Clint Luellen chase him down took the lead away on lap nine. Luellen and Wieben race for the lead the rest of the way but it was Luellen taking the checkers first. Wieben was second, Colby Heishman had another strong finish as he came home third, Brandon Williams was fourth and Jared Van Deest was fifth.

David Brandies wrestled the lead away in the MIller Lite IMCA Stock Car feature from Nick Thelen. Thelen got sideaways in turn three resulting Tyler Pickett and Steve Meyer with no where to go. Brandies pulled away but behind him the battle was for second featuring Jeff Wollam, Donavon Smith, Matt Deaton, Michael Jaennette and Trent Murphy. Brandies took the win meanwhile Trent Murphy grabbed second from Smith. Jaennette was fourth and Robert Stofer finished fifth.

Kyle Krampe led the opening lap in the Coors Light IMCA Modifieds feature but the caution came out shortly after when Kyle Brown came to a stop in turn one. Jake Strayer stole the lead way from Krampe on the restart and just after the completion of lap two, the caution came out again. Strayer was not going to let that bother him but by the time the caution came out on lap 14 for Andrew Kinser, Strayer saw Brian Irvine and Adam Larson right behind him. Strayer held them off meanwhile Jimmy Gustin worked his way up to battle with Irvine and on lap 17 they got together in turn one and Irvine came to a stop in turn one. Strayer again looked to be a veteran as he went on to become the first repeat winner in the Modifieds this year. Gustin, Adam Larson, Ronn Lauritzen and Gilman finished second through fifth respectively.

The final feature of the night was the Flat Track Open Quads and it was Travis Brandt from Des Moines getting the wholeshot victory and winning by a full straight-away over George Hood.

The Speedway returns to action on Tuesday night for the Deery Brothers Summer Series Miller Lite 50 plus IMCA Northern SportMods, Legends and Mod Lites. Hot laps start at 7 p.m. with racing to follow. Then on Friday night it’s State Center Night at the Marshalltown Speedway. Hot laps kick off at 6:50 p.m. and racing begins at 7:30 p.m.

Speedway Report

Memorial Day weekend kicked off Friday night at the Marshalltown Speedway. The racing action was not disappointing because the 79 cars signed in produced some amazing finishes.

Charlie Brown (Mod Lites), Austin Luellen (IMCA Hobby Stocks), Colby Heishman (IMCA Northern SportMods), Donavon Smith (IMCA Stock Cars) and Adam Larson (IMCA Modifieds) was all the winners on Midwest Liquid Systems and Salute to Military Night. Nick Thelen picked up the win in the Spectator Eliminators.

Before a lap was completed in the Mod Lites feature the caution came out when Cory Sauerman and Josh May got together, both were able to continue. On the restart, it was Charlie Brown out dueling Jason Whitehead for the lead. Charlie Brown continued to lead when the red flag came out when his brother Terry got upside down in turn two. Terry was okay but the night came to end meanwhile Charlie Brown held the top spot. Brown went on to take the win holding off Josh May after a caution with two to go. Mike Morrill, Randy Bryan and Cory Sauerman finished third through fifth.

Tim Barber grabbed the early lead in the Toby K’s Hideaway IMCA Hobby Stock feature but a caution came out shortly after when Brandon Pitts got sideways in turn four collecting Dustin Lynch and Dillon Million. Barber looked perfect out front until the caution came out just after lap four when Million spun in front of the leaders and Barber had no where to go. Luellen held on to take the win over Andy Hick by a car length. Eric Stanton finished third, Garrett Eilander was fourth and Dustin Elliott was fifth.

Colby Heishman fresh off his first career win earlier in the week, Heishman wrestled the lead away on lap one from Kevin Yearington in the IMCA Northern Sportmods 18 lap feature. Heishman was not letting anything hamper his successful week as he went on take the win over Jared Van Deest, Clint Luellen, Brandon Williams and Jayme Duinink.

Michael Bilyeu would lead the first lap in the Miller Lite IMCA Stock Cars feature before Trent Murphy took it away on lap two. Murphy saw a pair of cautions on lap five but that was not going to bother him however on lap nine, Donavon Smith worked his way to second. Smith took the lead away on lap ten but Murphy did not give up because Smith only edged out Murphy by a nose at the checkered. Steve Meyer was third, Michael Jaennette was fourth and Tyler Pickett was fifth.

Coors Light IMCA Modifieds feature was the final feature of the night and it was action packed. Scott Simatovich took the early lead and behind him they were going two and three wide. Simatovich saw Adam Larson, Joel Rust and Jimmy Gustin make it a four car battle up front. Rust grabbed the lead away on lap nine but it was Jimmy Gustin taking it away on lap 12. Gustin saw Adam Larson take the lead away on lap 13 and it was Larson making the left hand turn in to the winner’s circle. Rust took second, Josh Gilman came from ninth to third, Gustin was fourth and Simatovich fell back to fifth.

Next Friday night its Minute Man Printing Night. The Open Quads make a visit to the high banked quarter mile. Hot laps start at 6:50 p.m. and racing at 7:30 p.m.

Friday’s Results

Scout Night/Old Timers Lounge Night

Coors Light IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. 2L Adam Larson (Ankeny), 2. 26J Joel Rust (Grundy Center), 3. 83G Josh Gilman (Earlham), 4. 19 Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown), 5. 43S Scott Simatovich (State Center), 6. 10K Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup): 7. 12X Trent Jackson (Marshalltown), 8. 18J Jake Strayer (Newton), 9. K1 Kyle Krampe (Baxter): 10. 17R Derek Reimer (St. Anthony), 11. 12 Andrew Kinser (State Center), 12. 40RC Rod Clement (Rhodes)

Heat 1: 1. Gustin, 2. Gilman, 3. Jackson, 4. Rust, 5. Reimer, 6. Clement

Heat 2: 1. Strayer, 2. Lauritzen, 3. Larson, 4. Simatovich, 5. Krampe, 6. Kinser

Miller Lite IMCA Stock Cars

Feature: 1. 35 Donavon Smith (Lake City), 2. 25 Trent Murphy (Scranton), 3. 94 Steve Meyer (Grundy Center), 4. 93 Michael Jaennette (Newton), 5. 5A Tyler Pickett (Boxholm), 6. 22D Jared Daggett (Marshalltown), 7. 50X Kevin Balmer (Garwin), 8. 21K JD Kennedy (Ackley), 9. 16 Nick Thelen (Kellogg), 10. 9X Terry Clayton (Brooklyn), 11. 9 Ronny Gould (Calera, OK), 12. 45 Matt Deaton (Newton), 13. 46B Michael Bilyeu (Indianola)

Heat 1: 1. Pickett, 2. Smith, 3. Jaennette, 4. Bilyeu, 5. Murphy, 6. Gould, 7. Thelen

Heat 2: 1. Daggett, 2. Meyer, 3. Deaton, 4. Clayton, 5. Kennedy, 6. Balmer

Karl Chevrolet

IMCA Northern SportMods

Feature: 1. CH19 Colby Heishman (Brooklyn), 2. 80J Jared Van Deest (Holland), 3. 3L Clint Luellen (Minburn), 4. 67X Brandon Williams (Des Moines), 5. 777 Jayme Duinink (Pella), 6. 69JR Johnathan Logue (Boone), 7. 25 Travis Peterson (Gladbrook), 8. 22H Curt Hilmer (Dysart), 9. 198 Sam Wieben (Dysart), 10. 8 Dusty Masolini (Des Moines), 11. 9 Scott Williams (Atkins), 12. 3S Adam Shelman (Ames), 13. 57R Ryan King (Montour), 14. 32B Neil Follett (Conrad), 15. 25K Kevin Yearington (Des Moines), 16. 16 Austin Schuring (Newton), 17. 55V Jared Vandewalle (LeGrand), 18. T17 Tom Rawlins (Kellogg)

Heat 1: 1. Duinink, 2. Yearington, 3. Peterson, 4. Logue, 5. King, 6. Schuring

Heat 2: 1. Heishman, 2. Follett, 3. Wieben, 4. Shelman, 5. Van Deest, 6. Rawlins

Heat 3: 1. Hilmer, 2. Luellen, 3. Williams, 4. Masolini, 5. Williams, 6. Vandewalle

Toby K’s Hideaway IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1. 3A Austin Luellen (Minburn), 2. 5H Andy Hick (Adel), 3. 7B Eric Stanton (Carlisle), 4. 500 Garrett Eilander (Newton), 5. 19D Dustin Elliott (Marshalltown), 6. 42T Tyson Overton (Carlisle), 7. 83 Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell), 8. 14T Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown), 9. 5 Dustin Lynch (Boone), 10. 81M Travis Merical (Marshalltown), 11. 42Z Brandon Pitts (Ames), 12. 76 Richard Pahlka Jr. (Des Moines), 13. 24B Butch Lester (What Cheer), 14. T56 Tim Barber (Story City), 15. 4X Gary Pfantz (State Center), 16. 85M Dillon Million (Marshalltown), 17. 17 Andy Peck (Newton), 18. 19 Nathan Gibson (Maynard), 19. 18D Kevin Derry (Indianola), 20. 08 Jason Cox (Maxwell)

Heat 1: 1. Stanton, 2. Hick, 3. Overton, 4. Pitts, 5. Derry, 6. Lester, 7. Pahlka

Heat 2: 1. Barber, 2. Nicklas, 3. Lynch, 4. Eilander, 5. Gibson, 6. Peck, 7. Merical

Heat 3: 1. Luellen, 2. Elliott, 3. Pfantz, 4. Thomas, 5. Million, 6. Cox

Mod Lites

Feature: 1. 82 Charlie Brown (Nevada), 2. 99 Josh May (De Soto), 3. 6 Mike Morrill (Altoona), 4. 64 Randy Bryan (Ames), 5. 17 Cory Sauerman (Grimes), 6. 89 Travis Stensland (Nevada), 7. 5J Jimmy May (De Soto), 8. 11R Jason Whitehead (Nevada), 9. 46 Kevin Grisham (Ogden), 10. 88 Justin Rankin (Madrid), 11. 11 Mike Stoker (Des Moines), 12. 17T Tanner Gottman (Grimes), 13. 4M David Simpson (Ankeny), 14. 3G Joe Glick (Des Moines), 15. X50 Joel Huggins (Des Moines), 16. 28 Terry Brown (Nevada)

Heat 1: 1. Charlie Brown, 2. Morrill, 3. Jimmy May, 4. Josh May, 5. Terry Brown, 6. Sauerman, 7. Rankin, 8. Gottman

Heat 2: 1. Whitehead, 2. Stensland, 3. Glick, 4. Huggins, 5. Grisham, 6. Stoker, 7. Simpson, 8. Bryan

Speedway Report

Every year on the second Friday night in May we honor a great pioneer of the Marshalltown Speedway in Cliff Chambers, who we lost in 1989 to cancer.

There was a lot of great racing all night that included three-, four- and five-wide racing as 103 cars signed up in hopes of having their names in the history books of winning the Cliff Chambers Memorial sponsored by Local UAW 893.

First feature of the night was the Nostalgia Cars ten lap feature event and it was Chris Holt grabbing the top spot. Holt pulled away only to see the only race caution on lap four when Scott Olson was not able to exit the race track in time. Chris Holt had Ben Holt and Josh Zieman on his back bumper but held the challenges off until lap nine. Zieman saw the door open and took advantage and grabbed the spot with one to go. Zieman took the win over Chris Holt, Ben Holt, Jim Anderson and Devin Murphy.

Jason Whitehead started inside row two but he took the lead early in the Mod Lites 15 lap feature even though he was in a hard fight with Travis Stensland and Joel Huggins. Whitehead led until the only caution came out when Cory Sauerman got in to the back bumper of Whitehead, Whitehead rolled but ended back on all four wheels unfortunately ending his night meanwhile Sauerman sent pit side. On the restart, Huggins inherited the lead and had to battle with Stensland. Huggins held off challenges from Stensland until lap 12 when Stensland made the move and the win away. Josh May got by Huggins for second, Jimmy May was fourth and Charlie Brown was fifth.

In the Toby K’s Hideaway IMCA Hobby Stocks 15 lap feature event it was Austin Luellen taking the lead. Luellen saw the caution come out on lap two when Garrett Eilander spun on the front stretch. Luellen was not fazed and continued to lead even through a pair of cautions on lap 11. Luellen took the win for his 4th win at Marshalltown. Eric Stanton, John Watson, Andy Hick and Tyson Overton rounded out the top five.

Curt Hilmer led the first lap in the IMCA Northern SportMods 18 lap feature but the field saw the caution twice before completing another lap and twice after completing lap two. Hilmer continued to lead but Clint Luellen worked his way from sixth to second and took the lead away on lap five. Luellen and the field had the caution come out again on lap 11 and 14 setting up a great finish. Luellen and Jenae Gustin raced side by side, wheel to wheel the final four laps and it was Luellen edging out Gustin for the win. Brandon Williams, Logan Scott and Hilmer finished third through fifth.

JD Kennedy lead lap one in the Miller Lite IMCA Stock Cars feature but it was Jay Schmidt taking the lead away on lap two. Schmidt did not let the caution on lap six bother him but Trent Murphy and Tyler Pickett was right behind him. Schmidt lost the lead to Murphy on lap 11. Murphy went on to edge out Donavon Smith for the win. Schmidt ended in third, Jared Daggett was fourth and Steve Meyer was fifth.

Final feature of the night was the 20 laps Coors Light IMCA Modifieds feature. Richie Gustin took advantage of his pole postion by grabbing the lead and it appeared the only thing slowing him down was lap traffic before the only caution came out on lap 15. Gustin held on to win over Joel Rust, Jimmy Gustin, Jon Snyder and Hunter Marriott.

Next Friday night will be Scout Night, plus Old Timers Lounge Night at the Races. Also on hand will be the Outlaw Lawn Mower Races. Hot laps start at 6:50 p.m. and racing at 7:30 p.m.