Bobcats roll in double dual

Marshalltown bowlers drop Rams, Bluejays

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON • Marshalltown bowler Kamrin Chizek celebrates after hitting one of his many strikes of the day during the Bobcat boys’ double-dual win over Southeast Polk and Bondurant-Farrar on Tuesday at Wayward Social.

When the Marshalltown boys and girls bowling teams took the lanes on Monday night in their home opener against Southeast Polk and Bondurant-Farrar, they did so in a familiar place with a new twist, as the old Totem Bowl facility has now been rebranded as Wayward Social.

The new name and new look didn’t throw the Bobcats, however, as both teams won their double-duals.

The boys won in stellar fashion, putting up a 3,146 in the home debut, over 600 pins higher than Southeast Polk’s 2,534 and 1,000 pins higher than Bondurant-Farrar’s 2,141.

Kamrin Chizek was hot all day for the Bobcats, rolling a 235 in his first individual game then turning in a near-perfect performance in the second with a 277. Chizek had rolled strikes on each of the first nine frames of the second individual game, just three strikes away from the elusive 300, but on his first ball of the 10th frame he came up just one pin shy of his 10th strike.

“I actually thought about it way too much but I still pulled through with a good shot with that stone nine-pin,” Chizik said of almost finishing the second frame perfect. “Somewhere around the sixth frame I got a bit nervous and threw it soft but I got lucky. I thought I threw that last ball really well but it just didn’t go my way.”

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON • Marshalltown bowler Haley Bell stares her ball down as it rolls toward a spare on Tuesday during the Bobcats’ comeback win in their dual against Southeast Polk. The MHS girls also beat Bondurant-Farrar in the home opener.

Chizik’s 277 and two-game total of 512 are both season highs, and the 277 was the second-best score recorded in the state so far this season.

He said he got a little extra work in over the weekend, which helped him come into Tuesday’s meet hot and ready to bowl.

“I bowled a sport shot tournament this weekend and just kind of dialed in my shots,” he said. “I felt pretty good overall and I had the right equipment for the job.”

Chizik wasn’t the only one feeling it though, as Lucas Kramer rolled a season high in both his series and individual game, with a 418 and 228 respectively.

Captain Ray Weigand shot a series 424, good enough for second on the team, but boys coach Roger Taylor Sr. said Weigand wasn’t quite on his best game, though it didn’t matter because of how the team shot.


“It was our first home meet so our guys dressed up and they wanted to put on a show,” Taylor Sr. said. “I think Ray put too much pressure on himself because of everything, but Kamrin and the rest of the team picked him up pretty well. I am happy for them, it was a good team effort.”

Rounding out the Bobcat boys scores were Jonathan McKeever with a 397 — his season high — Carson Potter with a 395 and Joshua Arment with a 368.

The second-highest score of the day actually came from the junior varsity lanes, where Ryan Hunt shot a series 463, helped by a 278 in his second game.

Taylor Sr. said each of his guys, regardless of being a varsity bowler or not, supports one another and is happy for the other’s success.

“Everyone on the team is friends, even with the junior varsity, so I have 12 or 15 guys that are all pretty close friends,” he said. “They practice together, they go to big tournaments and scholarship tournaments and travel together, they are like Bobcat brothers.”


The Bobcat girls also showed some great chemistry on the day, especially in their bakers sets. Heading into the final bakers game, the MHS girls trailed Southeast Polk by 15 pins, meaning they had to bowl one of their best bakers of the season.

They didn’t just meet that requirement, the girls exceeded it, rolling a 186 in the final bakers frame to secure a 51-pin victory over the Rams, 2,218-2,167.

Team captain Haley Bell, who led the Bobcats with a 335 in the individual series, said the girls were able to bowl such a great score together when it mattered most because they kept looking on the bright side.

“We try not to totally focus on score,” Bell said. “I think that’s an issue we’ve had, but the last game we had a pep talk and said ‘ignore the score, focus on bowling and keep the positive attitude.’ As our 180-something game showed, that totally worked.”

In that final game, the girls combined to roll at least a spare in every frame, and head coach Andy Schwandt said he couldn’t have been happier with how his girls performed in the clutch.


“We had a little pep talk going into the last one, we were down 15 pins going into the last bakers, and oh my gosh it was a clean game! We had no open frames,” Schwandt said. “The fact that we finished with our highest bakers score of 186 is just amazing. Now the girls know they can do it, as long as they focus and don’t get distracted by everything else going around.”

Overcoming leads has been an issue for the Bobcat girls in the past, and co-captain ShayeLyn Pickett — who shot a 326 individual series to finish second on the team — said she was extremely encouraged by how the team continued to fight from behind.

“I think it was better than we’ve had before,” Pickett said. “I know in past year’s it’s been a struggle when we fell down, we would continue to fall down because it would just pull us back, but I am glad that we were able to push past that factor and really bring it back.”

Rounding out the individual series scores for the girls’ first win was Karlie Potter with a 319, Emily Diggins with a 266, Addie Seymour with a 242 and Kylee Witt with a 206.

Both teams remain at home for their next meet, as they take on Newton on Thursday starting at 3:45 p.m. at Wayward Social.