Bobcats sink Grinnell in sweeping fashion

GRINNELL — The Marshalltown boys’ swimming team was first to touch the wall in all 11 events as the Bobcats blasted Grinnell 118-52 in Tuesday’s dual meet at Grinnell College.

The Bobcats (2-1) swept the top three spots in the 100-yard breaststroke and finished 1-2 in the 500 freestyle as well.

Ryne Downey captured a pair of individual victories with his wins in the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle, and Gage Petty did the same in the 500 freestyle and the 100 backstroke. Both Bobcats were a part of one of the team’s three relay triumphs.

Because of its evening start time, the meet was preceded by a brief warm-up practice for MHS according to head coach Mike Loupee.

“It’s only our second meet so it’s not like we have a routine yet, but it was a 7 p.m. start which is late for us,” Loupee said. “So we swam a shortened sprint practice before the meet, got them dressed and got them on the bus.”

Loupee said his team got out to a lethargic start but still persevered and eventually dominated the meet.

“In only our second meet we swam 25 season-best times and had 19 lifetime bests,” he said.

Rising to the top of that list of achievements for the Bobcats was Tyler Downey, who had four personal-best times to lead the lineup in that regard. Nash Perisho put forth a personal-best performance to win the 200 freestyle in 2:04.30, while Downey was fourth in a PR of 2:15.88.

Caleb Summers won the 100 butterfly with his first-ever sub-minute time (59.22) and was a member of all three triumphant Bobcat relays, while Blaine Gunderson led the MHS sweep of the breaststroke in 1:12.94.

The Bobcats dive back into action Thursday with a double dual at Des Moines East including Oskaloosa, and Marshalltown competes in the Toreador Relays on Saturday in Boone.

Marshalltown 118, Grinnell 52

At Grinnell


(Champion plus MHS placewinners)

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1. MHS (Petty, Gunderson, C.Summers, Barkema) 1:49.82.

200 FREESTYLE — 1. Nash Perisho, MHS, 2:04.30; 4. Tyler Downey, MHS, 2:15.88; 5. Lance Ingram, MHS, 2:26.75.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1. Carson Beals, MHS, 2:21.66; 3. Blaine Gunderson, MHS, 2:31.73; 4. Jacob Eberle, MHS, 2:41.28.

50 FREESTYLE — 1. Ryne Downey, MHS, 22.93; 3. Brad Barkema, MHS, 24.39; 4. David Wahl, MHS, 26.12.

100 BUTTERFLY — 1. Caleb Summers, MHS, 59.22; 3. Caleb Jones, MHS, 1:15.38; 5. Lance Ingram, MHS, 1:24.28.

100 FREESTYLE — 1. R. Downey, MHS, 52.38; 3. Barkema, MHS, 55.92; 4. Perisho, MHS, 56.04.

500 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. Gage Petty, MHS, 5:31.78; 2. Beals, MHS, 5:36.52; 4. Chris Streets, MHS, 6:02.24.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. MHS (R.Downey, Barkema, C.Summers, Beals) 1:36.49; 3. MHS (Wahl, Keeler, T.Downey, Perisho) 1:44.63.

100 BACKSTROKE — 1. Petty, MHS, 1:01.30; 3. Streets, MHS, 1:09.32; 4. Eberle, 1:10.70.

100 BREASTSTROKE — 1. Gunderson, MHS, 1:12.94; 2. Wahl, MHS, 1:18.01; 3. Brock Keeler, MHS, 1:18.75.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. MHS (Streets, Beals, C.Summers, Perisho) 3:45.99; 2. MHS (T.Downey, Petty, Gunderson, R.Downey) 3:47.51.