Sub City provides ‘superstitious’ sandwiches to Bobcats from living room

T-R PHOTO By Emily Barske Damage at Sub City was apparent right after a tornado came through Marshalltown on July 19.

The Marshalltown baseball team heads to the State tournament tonight less than a week after a tornado tore through town. Sub City, despite facing severe damage at its business, is doing what it can to ensure the team has what it needs to win.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant owners said the Bobcats have eaten Sub City sandwiches before every away game the past two seasons. They’re feeding into the superstition and donating sandwiches to the team as they head to Principal Park to face Urbandale at 7:30 p.m.

The donation was from owner Brian Ferneau and his wife Jeannie Ferneau. They made the sandwiches in their living room, Jeannie said in a Facebook message. They are still assessing damage to their business downtown.

Here is their post: