Bobcats blast Tigers out of the water

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON - Klaudia Hernandez swims the 500-yard freestyle for Marshalltown in the Bobcats’ 121-62 win over Grinnell on Thursday. Hernandez was one of three MHS swimmers to win two events on the night.

The Marshalltown girls swimming and diving team earned one of its largest wins of the season on Thursday by dominating Grinnell, 121-62.

The Bobcats took the top placing in 11 out of 12 events on the evening, and assistant coach Mike Loupee said it was a great reminder for the girls that they have the ability to swim with some good teams.

“[Head coach Angie] Nelson, [assistant coach Leah] Barkema and I are all pleased with the overall effort, it’s nice to get a win,” Loupee said. “It’s good for the girls’ confidence to know that they can compete with a lot of teams in the state, just in the CIML it’s hard to tell that sometimes. There were a lot of really good races for first and second or second and third, so giving the girls an opportunity to race and feel that competitive edge to get the girl in the lane next to her is good for them, it helps build their competitive mindset.”

After finishing second in the 200-yard medley relay to start the dual, Marshalltown ripped off 11-straight first-place finishes to send the Tigers home with a loss.

Klaudia Hernandez earned the first MHS win of the night, taking first in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2 minutes, 15.84 seconds, and she added another victory in the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:15.11, a full 15 seconds faster than her previous season best.

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON - Marshalltown’s Cori Jorgenson competes in the 100-yard backstroke on Thursday during the Bobcats’ win over Grinnell.

“Klaudia Hernandez had a good 200 and got out. We’ve been working on her stroke and keeping it long and trying to improve her turns, and you can tell that she was thinking about that and she was working at it,” Loupee said. “She had a solid time in the 500 free, she got away from the Grinnell girl early in the race so she had no one to race other than the signals and the encouragement she was getting from the side to focus on her stroke and focus on her turns and she continued to work and had a good 500.”

Shakira Herrera also earned two individual wins on the night, taking first in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:35.07 and in the 100 freestyle with a time of 1:00.18, the second-fastest time for a Marshalltown swimmer in the 100 freestyle this year.

“Shakira got out and went very well, she had four good stroke exchanges in her individual medley,” Loupee said. “Again in the 100 free she had a race in the first 50 yards but in the next 25 she pressed and pulled away, so another good example of an opportunity to race.”

Taylor Hrabak was the third individual to take home two first-place finishes for MHS, receiving top-honors in the 50 freestyle with a time of 27.49 seconds — the fastest mark by any Bobcat in the even this year — and winning the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:10.15.

“She is working hard and she is one of our leaders in the lane every day,” Loupee said of Hrabak. “She is here set in, set out. She’s pressing herself to get better and that’s the kind of leadership you expect out of a senior. She comes out and wins the 50 free, then after the diving she’s right back in the water and swims the 100 fly.


“She told us somewhere during the meet she hadn’t swam the 100 fly since she was a freshman, so always good to start and end your career with an event that can be a challenge,” Loupee said with a laugh.

Other swimmers to come out with individual wins were Emily Manis in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:15.58 and CeCe Waltermire in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:22.44.

Loupee said Manis specifically did well in her win to cut nearly three seconds off her best time in the 100 backstroke.

“The thing that we talk with Emily about his her turnover speed,” he said. “She is a strong swimmer but when the races get shorter we need that turnover to be quicker. She showed that really well in the backstroke tonight, so that was a good race for her.

“Up and down the lineup we had some good times and good races, it’s a nice meet to get under our belts headed into Saturday for our own invite, which is going to be some pretty salty competition.”


The Bobcats remained strong on the diving board by taking the top three spots on the podium. Alli Trowbridge led the way with a score of 238.25 while Sami Trowbridge and Hannah Taylor followed with a 229.35 and a 218.20 respectively.

As Loupee said, Marshalltown now sets its eyes on its home tournament on Saturday, which features both Des Moines Lincoln and Johnston, two teams in the top 15 of the power rankings.

“As far as competing points-wise, that’s not necessarily going to be our focus,” Loupee said. “It’s a seeded meet so the girls will have two people on either side of them that are close to them, so it’s an opportunity to race. The more opportunities to race for the girls at this point in the season the better off they are going to be when we get to the end of the season.”

The Marshalltown Invitational will start with diving at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at MHS, with swimming to follow at noon.

Marshalltown 121, Grinnell 62


At Marshalltown


(Champion plus MHS placewinners)

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1. Grinnell (Kriegel, Behrens, Anderson, Neighbors) 2:16.32, 2. MHS (Stanley, Waltermire, Hernandez, Trowbridge) 2:21.05.

200 FREESTYLE — 1. Klaudia Hernandez, MHS, 2:15.84; 2. Cori Jorgenson, MHS, 2:20.07; 4. Taylor Jones, MHS, 2:45.70.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1. Shakira Herrera 2:35.07; 3. Erin Stanley, MHS, 2:53.36; 5. Diana Espinoza, MHS, 3:35.01.

50 FREESTYLE — 1. Taylor Hrabak, MHS, 27.49; 4. Kelsey Bartles, MHS, 31.02; 5. Emily Sickels, MHS, 36.79.

DIVING — 1. Alli Trowbridge, MHS, 238.25; 2. Sami Trowbridge, MHS, 229.35; 3. Hannah Taylor, MHS, 218.20.

100 BUTTERFLY — 1. Taylor Hrabak, MHS, 1:10.15; 3. Erin Stanley, MHS, 1:27.29; 5. Emily Sickles, MHS, 1:48.80.

100 FREESTYLE — 1. Shakira Herrera, MHS, 1:00.18; 3. Emily Manis, MHS, 1:07.43; 5. Veronica Herrera, MHS, 1:14.89.

500 FREESTYLE — 1. Klaudia Hernandez, MHS, 6:15.11; 3. CeCe Waltermire, MHS, 6:44.13; 4. Alyssa Jordan, MHS, 7:40.05.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. MHS (Manis, Herrera, Jorgenson, Hrabak) 1:55.24; 3. MHS (Trowbridge, Taylor, Jones, Bartles) 2:08.28.

100 BACKSTROKE — 1. Emily Manis, MHS, 1:15.58; 3. Cori Jorgenson, MHS, 1:20.76; 4. Taylor Jones, MHS, 1:27.49.

100 BREASTSTROKE — 1. CeCe Waltermire, MHS, 1:22.44; 2. Kelsey Bartles, MHS, 1:29.33; 4. Carissa King, MHS, 1:45.37.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. MHS (Jorgenson, Herrera, Hernandez, Hrabak) 4:07.82; 3. MHS (Stanley, Manis, Waltermire, Bartles) 4:43.84.