First grader is a joy in classroom, takes pride in work, is polite



Yaslin Ibarra Alvarado, 6, has already begun her young life seeing the merits of being kind to others and setting high personal goals. The first grader, who attends Anson Elementary School, is on the right path for continued success when she starts second grade in the fall.

A strong reader who also enjoys math class, Yaslin shares her abilities by reading to her little sister and teaching her about shapes.

“She’s an excellent student,” said teacher Jennifer Sickles. “She is helpful without being asked, assisting other students in a very polite and kind way. She is very reliable and joyous.”

The first grader likes spending time outside through activities such as going to the park, riding her bike and playing tag. She wants to participate in softball this summer. While not a big television watcher, the child loves the film “Hotel Transylvania 2.”

Yaslin’s others-oriented personality extends to her home life. She likes to help her mom wash dishes and has even helped make dinner, alongside her brother. When the student grows up, she would like to be a dentist, because she enjoys her visits to get her teeth cleaned and checked.

“It makes me sad the school year is coming to an end,” Sickles said. “I hope she does become a dentist someday. Maybe she will clean my teeth sometime.”

When asked what her dream vacation destination is, the child replied, “I want to see the Omaha (Henry Doorly) Zoo.”


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