Bridge closed after partial collapse

CHARLES CITY (AP) — Officials of a city more than 50 miles northwest of Waterloo have asked residents to stay at least 100 yards away from a bridge that partially collapsed.
Charles City police chief Hugh Anderson said there’s a possibility of falling debris near the Charley Western Bridge or that it could collapse completely.
“We’re trying to urge people to stay off because it could obviously be at a critical point right now,” he said. “It could be catastrophic if that thing did have a complete loss.”
An archway of the bridge on the Cedar River pulled away from the structure Saturday morning, and part of it collapsed.
Charles City Administrator Steve Diers said the city is working with bridge engineers to address the issue. He said the river is closed to activities.
“No recreational activities including boating, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming or general use of the river within 100 yards of the bridge,” he said.
City Engineer JohnFallis said the Charley Western Bridge, which was built in 1910, likely can’t be fixed.