Jonathan House topic at Noon Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Marshalltown “Noon” held its regular meeting Tuesday at the American Legion Hall, 1301 S. Sixth St. President Linda Dodd Smith called the meeting to order. After the pledge to the flag, Dodd Smith led the invocation. Happy Dollars were donated by Deb Ewoldt and Dodd Smith.

Carter Strand was introduced to speak about Jonathan House Ministries, part of Acts2 Collective. Jonathan House for orphans is located in Central African Republic, one of the poorest places in the world. About 40 percent of young children have stunted growth with the life expectancy at birth of only 49 years. The orphanage strives to provide nourishment to starving children by supplying food, including Plumpy’Nut. Plumpy’Nut is a peanut-based paste in a plastic wrapper for treatment of severe acute malnutrition that is inexpensive, but very nutritious. A school with an outside basketball court serves the area. Strand said there is a great need for medical people to serve those in need. Noon Kiwanis gave a check to Strand to help as needed. For more information: Donations were collected for the Under Privileged Children’s Fund.

The Marshalltown Noon Kiwanis Club offers a 30-day free trial membership, including meals to those interested in checking out a service club. This is an excellent way to introduce new people to serving the community. We meet Tuesday at noon at the American Legion building on South Sixth Street. Offer for limited time only.

Anyone interested is invited to visit one of the regular meetings or check online at: Like Kiwanis on Facebook at