Bobcat Special Olympics topic at Kiwanis PM

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Kiwanis PM President-elect Greg Baker welcomes Jennifer Hart presenting a program on the Marshalltown Bobcat Special Olympics and upcoming summer contests.

The regular meeting of the Kiwanis P.M. Club was held Wednesday at O’Hungry’s. President elect Greg Baker called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Ann Kent introduced speaker Jennifer Hart representing Special Olympics.

Hart, Parks and Rec supervisor, wears several hats, one of which is director of the Bobcat Special Olympic delegation. Special Olympics is for ages eight through adult, as long as someone wants to participate they are welcome. The Bobcats have seven different games they participate in from September to May. The spring games are Swimming and Bicycling, (modified and time trial). This year 14 of the swimmers will be going to the State Meet. Other games for the Bobcats include Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Downhill Skiing, Basketball and Bowling.

The Olympic Team members are required to practice their sport two times a week for an hour, or more, or for 10 hours before the games. We have 40 plus participants in each sport. This requires many hours for the volunteers that coach these teams as well as a lot of equipment. Thanks to grants that Hart has written the teams have new uniforms for all sports, and some new equipment. There is no charge to the participant. Thanks to partnering with Marshalltown Schools Special Olympics is provided transportation and the use of the pool, other games and practice are held at the Coliseum. Volunteers make this happen, Hart at the Parks and Rec’s office at 641-754-5715 to volunteer.

The meeting continued with a reminder that the next meeting will be a board meeting at Pizza Ranch. The following week, May 17, Kiwanis PM will be in the midst of garage sale preparation. The next regular meeting at O’Hungry’s will be May 24.