Melbourne 4-H Club prepares for the county fair

MELBOURNE — The Melbourne 4-H Club met March 19 with 16 members and 11 visitors present. Roll call was name your favorite college basketball team. Important upcoming dates were discussed. Reminders of Sheep/Goat and Swine weigh in dates. The club assigned groups to work on club booth, fair game, etc. Presentation was given by Claire, Ian and Libby Meyer.

On April 30, the Melbourne 4-H Club had 21 members at the meeting and 14 visitors present. Roll call was name your favorite spring flower. The 4-H newsletter was discussed. The fairbook was passed out and gone over along with goal sheets for non livestock projects.

Applications were handed out for Bottle/Bucket Calf, Sheep, Horse, Dog and Pet shows. Presentations were given by Paityn, Landrey Peterson and Lauren Solberg, Hannah Slifer, Madelyn Thompson and Lily Fischer and Wesley and Wyatt Thompson. Recreation was provided by the Anderson and Guthrie families.