Safe at Home program given at Kiwanis P.M.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Kiwanis P.M. President Kenny Lamb welcomed Melanie Shellenberger, from the Secretary of State’s office, as she presented a program on the Safe at Home program monitored by her office.

The regular meeting of the Kiwanis P.M. was held Wednesday at O’Hungry’s. President Kenny Lamb called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Rose Wagner introduced guest speaker Melanie Shellenberger, from Des Moines representing Safe at Home.

Safe at Home is a program under the Secretary of State office, modeled after programs in Minnesota and Missouri, that can assign a substitute address to a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, stalking or violent crimes. This address can be used with any city, county and state offices as well as private organizations that require a mailing address. The address will not appear in any public records protecting you from your abuser or offender. Your mail will be forwarded to your confidential address.

Safe at Home is not a witness protection program, and is not capable of shielding you from legal obligations, such as custody disputes. It cannot hide your address from real estate records should you purchase a home. However renter’s addresses will be protected. Safe at Home enables participants to become active members in their society, allows them to enroll their children in school, get a drivers license and vote while maintaining their confidentiality.

Participants enroll in terms that last up to four years and they can re-enroll in the program. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program contact an advocate program or the Secretary of State’s office for more information.

The meeting continued with a discussion of ordering T-shirts with Kiwanis P.M. so we can be identified when we are helping with projects and the garage sale. Ted Kallestad reported on the up coming installation of officers planned for Sept. 27. The next regular meeting will be Aug. 2, the speaker will be Donna Brisson, Camp OK participant.


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