Daily Record, March 21, 2021

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Norman G. and Christina M. Hulin to Christina M. Hulin, 312 N. Main St., Gilman.

• Janice M. Cronin and Karla J. Eslinger to Karla J. Eslinger, 9 S. 16th St.

• Erendira Aguirre to Macario Ramirez, 408 N. Fourth Ave. and 202 S. Fifth St.

• Wade G. and Kelli Johnson to KW Johnson, 12 N. 12th St.

• Robert L. and Bonnie B. Phipps to Bonnie B. Phipps, 206 S. Webster St., LeGrand.

• Daryl Gilmore and Kathryn L. Gilmore Trust to DK Gilmore, 1257 105th St., New Providence.


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