Daily Record, June 8, 2021

Marshalltown Police Department

Arrests — Friday

• Robert Steltz II, 30, was arrested on a warrant.

• David Peppers, 53, was arrested on a warrant.

• Richard Sweet Jr., 45, was arrested for a sex offender registar violation.

• Megan Walker, 29, was arrested for driving while license denied or revoked.

• Dawn Young, 43, was arrested on a warrant.

Arrests — Saturday

• Narissa Banks, 39, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

• Alberto Garcia, 28, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

• Amber Greif, 26, was arrested for fourth degree theft, shoplifting.

• Yuliel La Osa, 37, was arrested for domestic abuse assault.

• Kiedis Old Bear, 28, was arrested for public intoxication, interference with official acts and trespassing.

• Michael Maniriho, 29, was arrested on a warrant.

• Eric Verdulla, 37, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

• Leigha Robbins, 27, was arrested for driving while license under suspension.

Bradley Sparrow, 40, was arrested on a warrant.

Arrests — Sunday

• Jason Blackford, 24, was arrested for carrying weapons.

• Monique Lucero, 29, was arrested on a warrant.

• Scott Mills Jr., 26, was arrested on a warrant.

• Luis Cruz, 41, was arrested for an open container and driving while under the influence.

• Juan Lizarde, 28, interference with official acts, assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers — Friday

• Janea R. Lawrence to STR Ventures, 2309 S. Fifth Ave.

• Gernando and Julie Carbajal, Jr. to Jose Francisco Garcia Medel, 408 N. Eighth Ave.

• Chad and Christina Gile to Christina L. Gile, 2878 Sanford Ave.

• Larry A. and Karen A. Brown to Sergio Ramirez Rios, 510 N. Third Ave.

• Darrin R. and Tracy L. Nuese to Danny Wolken, 175 Main St., Ferguson and 195 Main St., Ferguson.

• Ruth Marjorie Estate to Roger K. and Melanie A. Hatch, 2711 W. Main St.

• Nathan and Ashley Blayer to Orton Homes, 401 Fifth St. SE, State Center.

• Alexis Rose Hubert to Kenneth F. and Linda F. Stewart, 2020 190th St.

• Roland and Joyce Good to Dillon Watt and Michaela Funke, 2407 Evergreen Circle, State Center.

Property Transfers


• Thomas E. and Sara Kurth to Leon Gealow, 802 W. Lincoln Way.

• Craig N. and Patricia J. Moon to Craig N. Moon Trust and Patricia J. Moon Trust, 409 W. Merle Hibbs Blvd.

• Dennis Paul Vieth and Kathy Kopsa to Kathy Kopsa, 512 S. Ninth St.

• Dennis Vieth Estate to Matthew Vieth, 205 Third Ave. NE, State Center.

• Taima Gonzalez Alfonso and Adalberto Perez Mateo to Yaima Gonzalez Alfonso, Adalberto Perez Mateo and Yamichel Quevedo Gonzalez, 509 E. Main St.

• Leobardo and Imelda Pena to Juan M. Pena, 212 N. 11th St.

• John David Willis and Stacey Handsacker to Cheryl Sams, 408 Second St. NW, State Center.


• Lisa M. Krough to Logan Allen Krough, 206 Fifth St., Melbourne.

• Beschuhtes Investments to Tiger Lily Investments, 1704 S. Center St.

• James Paul and Kay F. Degrado to John and Melanie Patterson, 921 S. 10th Ave.

• Wright Jasper Development to Taveis Leru and Julie Anne Stevens, 407 N. Vine St., LeGrand.

• Timothy Nichols to Craig Martin Walker, 908 S. 11th Ave.

• Rodrigo Gomez Baeza and Maria Patlan De Gomez to Yatma Gonzalez Alfonso and Adalberto Perez Mateo, 509 E. Main St.

• American General Finance, Marshall County Treasurer, Robert Reddie, Paula Royark and the United States of America to the City of Marshalltown, 606 E. Boone St.

• Alice M. Goodman Estate to Suzanne M. Goodman, 2536 Reed Ave.

• Janet K. Robbins to Timothy D. Sletten, 604 1/2 E. Linn St.

June 1

• Timothy Sletten to Francisco Zambrano Corona and Breeona M. Pazzi, 1213 W. Main St.

• Dickson D. and Luann C. Jensen to Harvester Development, 226 Holden Ave., Rhodes.

• Harvester Land Holdings to Jensen Golf, 1102 330th St., Rhodes.

• Marsha J. Doty Estate to Sara Garcia De Vazquez and Olga Vazquez, 113 N. 15th St.

• Rodrigo Gomez Baeza and Maria M. Patlan to Ernesto and Daisy Hernandez, 308 N. Second St.

May 28

• Cameron A. and Deborah Sue McCubbin to Michael A. and Loretta L. Vibbard, 102 N. St., Liscomb.

• John C. and Sandra A. Benson to Sandra A. Potter, 3404 Merritt Rd.

• Sandra A. Potter Estate to Robert and Kimberly Lyons and Kenneth E. and El Dora P. Perry, 3404 Merritt Rd.

• Sharon L. Rasmussen Estate to Carl I. Rasmussen Estate and Brock A. Rasmussen, 2439 Zeller Ave.

• Joy E. Plante and Cyril and Joy E. Thill to AKA Rentals, 205 N. 14th Ave.

• Gilbert Gonzales and Chase Trevino to Mario Torres, 9 W. Webster St.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Radian Guaranty, 203 Drury Lane, LeGrand.

• Luella L. Weber Estate to Chad and Joanna Herman, 1405 Summit St.

• Carol Plum Freese to David J. Mohr, 106 Second St., Dunbar.

• Determan Excavating to John and Jill Craft, 500 Washington St., 523 S. Fifth St. and 521 S. Fifth St.

• Jodi Eygabroad to Evan M. and Megan K. Volkens, 502 Richard Lane


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