Daily Record, July 21, 2021

Marshalltown Police Department



• Andrea Thompson, 30, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and theft fifth degree larceny.

• Floyd Beadle, 60, was arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon while intoxicated and operating while under the influence.

• Javier Perales, 29, was arrested for driving or towing an unsafe vehicle, failure to provide proof of financial liability and operating while under the influence.

Marshall County Sheriff



• Chad Anthony Betts, 46, was arrested on a warrant.

• Nathan Wayne Cueller, 39, was arrested on a warrant.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers


• Frank R. and Betty A. Needs to Betty A. Needs, 302 E. Church St., Laurel.

• Allen Leroy Stewart Estate to Sharon B. Stewart, 1405 Taylor Ave.

• Jacob Scott and Mariah R. L. Herrrald to Brittian Herrald, 404 Edgeland Drive.

• Dean E. and Michelle L. Lawthers to D&D Rentals, 509 W. Boone St.


• James and Lori Ricken to James and Lori Ricken, 2802 Hart Ave., Melbourne.

• Catherine L. Gooding to Carol A. Bristley, 903 N. Fifth Ave.

• Orton Homes to Maria G. Alfaro De Garcia and Juan Luis Garcia Tellez, 1007 Benjamin Drive.

• Julie J. Bell, Michael W. Miller and Julie J. Pickard to Miller Pickard Trust, 1429 295th St., Rhodes.

• Ramon Gomez and Josefina Ortiz to Javier Garcia Andrade, 313 N. Third Ave.

• Wright Jasper Development to Amanda J. and Tyler R.L. Goings, 1013 Ratcliffe Drive.


• Jack D. and Camilla M. Voss to Dakota R. Baltes and Danielle M. Clampitt, 207 Main St., Clemons.

• Clarence L. Balcom Estate to Alesha Sheets, 206 N. Sixth St.

• Bryce A. and Jamie M. Dee to Bryce A. Dee Trust and Jamie M. Dee Trust, 1909 Iowa Ave. W.

• Linda May Bennett too Timothy D. Sletten, 708 W. State St.

• Donna M. Steddom Trust to Jacob Ira and Abagail C. Paulding, 1710 Country Club Lane.

• Daniel G. Anderson to Susanne M. Anderson, 2626 Underwood Ave.

• Carl Haltom to Carl Haltom, 412 Main St., St. Anthony.

• Burt Farm & Livestock Co. to Matthew R. and Karen J. Burt, 1310 Taylor Ave.


• Stephen R. and Madelyn M. Irvine to M. Burgess, 122 E. Main St.

• Troy L. Ladassor to Rodolfo R. Matta Cujantes and Maria D. Merlos Gonzalez, 112 N. Ninth St.

• Jean M. Miller to Noah J. and Kaitlyn Curtis, 202 N. 27th St.

• Joyce Guckert to Doug Barten, 6 S. Sixth Ave.

• Weatherly Properties to Fabian and Vanessa Parra, 105 W. North St.

• Mark W. Denato to Dawson A. Vanzwol, 508 N. Fourth St.

• Jennifer A. Boucher to Lee Lia and Sehh Meh, 206 W. Ferner St.l

• Aye Nyunt, Aung Thu Rein and May Yee to Aung Thu Rein and May Yee, 505 May St.


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