Eighth grader known for her kindness

Sees a future as a doctor

Joselyn Avalos Murillo, 14, an eighth grader at Miller Middle School, is known for her ability to spread joy to those around her.

“She can make you smile no matter what. She just brightens your day,” said instructor Susan Ferneau.

Joselyn and Ferneau spend time each day doing schoolwork together, and sometimes eat lunch with each other.

“It’s that bonding factor, working one-on-one,” Ferneau said. “When she struggles, she asks questions, and she knows that helps her. She’s learned it’s much easier to keep up with your schoolwork than get behind and have to catch up.”

Joselyn said her favorite aspect of the day is when she “gets to visit Ms. Ferneau.”

The student most enjoys reading, but she doesn’t have a book preference, noting the reading material she gets assigned in school she finds interesting.

Outside of school, she can be found socializing and exercising at the YMCA-YWCA.

“I like to exercise and take classes at the Y. I enjoy running on the treadmill,” the student said.

A healthy eater, she cited salad as her favorite food.

“I make them at home, and I use many types of fresh vegetables,” the pupil said.

An aspect of her personality she is proud of is her kindness towards others.

“I like helping people. When they need help, I help them,” Joselyn said.

In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, listen to music and go on Facebook. Every year, she takes a trip to Mexico to visit friends and family. If she could select a dream destination in which to travel, she would pick California.

She would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

“I want to help sick people,” Joselyn said.


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