Second grader enjoys learning

Armando Negrete-Garcia, 8, a second grader at St. Francis Catholic School, is a positive influence in the classroom.

“He’s very sweet, courteous and helpful,” said teacher Dee Pohle.

When asked what his favorite part of the school day is, the child cited “recess.” However, he is an avid reader and does well academically. His favorite book series is the “Black Lagoon Adventures,” which mixes a school setting with monsters and animals, presenting relatable childhood problems.

“It’s so funny because one of the teachers got turned into a frog,” Armando said.

“He excels in math and spelling and he enjoys reading. He does XLP (Extended Learning Program) for math,” Pohle said.

In his free time, Armando likes to watch television, especially cooking shows, and play with toys. He enjoys the “Monster Legends” downloadable game. He plays soccer and basketball. He likes going to zoos where he can view his favorite animal, the shark.

The second grader is handy in the kitchen, noting his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

“I help with tacos. I’m good at [making] tacos,” he said.

When Armando grows up, he would like to be a chef.

“I just want to make my own food,” he said.


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