IVH to hold Open House on Sept. 13

The Iowa Veterans Home will hold a self-guided tour of the Home on Sept. 13. The tour hours will run from 4-6 p.m. in conjunction with a Harvest Market event that will be sponsored by the 13th Street District Committee. The Harvest Market hours are from 5-7:30 p.m.

“We want to be part of the 13th Street District Committee’s current planning efforts and into the future. This Open House will be a great opportunity to showcase our home to the community and speak to our history and mission. Besides from our history we offer many services here at IVH and a staff that does a fabulous job of ensuring our residents receive the quality of life and quality of care on a daily basis,” said Commandant Oujiri.

The Commandant will provide one time opening remarks at 4 p.m. at the Guard House located on the corner of Summit Street and Liberty Lane. A history presentation will be provided immediately following the Commandant’s remarks by IVH employee Dex Walker. The Guard House, one of the oldest pieces of real estate on the grounds, will be a great place for the history brief.

“At one time the formal iron gates and former Guard House once knew the sound of horses’ hooves and hundreds of horse carriages of the Iowa Soldiers Home,” said Michael Hines, executive assistant. “The iron gates and the Guard House are now a symbol of our past history. Our first resident walked through our doors on Dec. 1, 1887. Mr. Amos Fox was a Civil War veteran who resided here for 26 years and is buried at the Iowa Veterans Home Cemetery. We must ask ourselves why history matters so much. It happened so long ago. I believe that the answer to that is that history is unable to be avoided or denied. It studies the past and the legacies of the past in the present. This allows our home to build, also to change, grow and secure a good foundation for our residents to reside in. Ken Burns, a well know documentary filmmaker once said, ‘Business leaders ought to study history. You can’t possibly know where you are or where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.'” Hines said, “So that is one of the reasons why it is important to preserve history.”

The self-guided tour will begin at the Guard House located on the corner of Summit Street. Tour personnel will travel along Liberty Lane viewing the World War II, Vietnam and Korean War monuments along the way.

The entry and designated starting point for the indoors self-guided tours will be in the southwest corner of the Malloy building, adjacent to the library. The main Sheeler entrance is closed due to renovations from the high-wind storm. While in the main floor of the Malloy building tour

personnel will have an opportunity to visit the library, chapel, Atha Dining Facility, Malloy Leisure Resource Center and view many historical photos and documents. The Dack building will be part of the tour trail as well.

Once in Dack you will be able to see Arts and Crafts, and ceramics that residents enjoy making. A glass case exhibit will be available for you to view their products. The Open Gym will be open for visiting to see where residents conduct their maintenance therapy. The self-guided tour will be completed in front of the Dack elevators. Volunteer information, marketing material, refreshments and cookies will be available for all tour attendees.

“Besides from our almost 130 years of history, we continue to offer many services here at IVH. We offer at least 20 onsite services for our residents from Dental services to Mental Health. You have to ask yourself where else can you get these types of onsite services where you reside. If we need to take you to the VA either in Des Moines or Iowa City we are responsible for your appointment and transportation to that appointment,” said Oujiri.

In case of inclement weather the tours will start inside in the main floor of the Malloy Building adjacent to the Library and Civil War cannon.


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