Alliant: Wednesday goal set for full restoration of power

On Saturday morning there are still about 5,000 Alliant Energy customers without power, but there is a midweek goal for widespread restoration of power to Marshalltown.

“We are making great progress on getting power restored,” said Alliant spokesperson Justin Foss. “We’ve set a goal to expect the vast majority of work to be done by Wednesday and hoping most customers will receive power by then.”

Foss said while that’s the goal, power is restored in groups and some customers will have power before then.

Crews are working from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. in Marshalltown until restoration is achieved, Foss said.

Safety issues are slowing progress in residential neighborhoods.

“We have kids riding bikes near or under powerlines and running around trucks,” Foss said. “It’s understandable because we are in their backyards but it’s very dangerous. Our crews do have to slow down or stop work in these situations.”

Marshalltown residents are reminded to give crews the space they need to accomplish the large task ahead, he said.

Customers also need to be aware that their power will not be restored until they have repaired any electrical damage to the connections to their home.

“Any attachment point to the house is the customer’s responsibility,” he said. “The weather head, the steel pipe to the meter box and the box is the customer’s responsibility.

A licensed electrician should be hired for that work, he said.