Lennox will rebuild in Marshalltown

Lennox will rebuild its Marshalltown facilities that were destroyed by the EF-3 tornado that tore through the city on Thursday. Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer plans to make the official announcement at the city council meeting tonight.

“I’m so excited, I could pee my pants,” Greer said.

Gov. Kim Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg and Economic Development Director Debi Durham met with top leaders of Lennox Monday afternoon in hopes of convincing Lennox to rebuild the facilities. Greer met with the leaders shortly after.

“One of Marshalltown’s top employers, Lennox International, sustained damage, not only to its structures, but to the specialized equipment employees used to manufacture and test heating and cooling units at the facility,” Reynolds said in a statement. “I met with Doug Young, president and COO of Lennox International, and he communicated the company’s commitment to the Marshalltown community and his plans to rebuild.”

They will start the rebuild process as soon as possible, Greer said. In the meantime, Lennox is working with a temp agency to hire people on for debris removal and then the rebuild.

“Founded in Marshalltown, Iowa, Lennox Industries has a long history of philanthropy and commitment to the community,” said Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lynn Olberding in a statement. “Even in this time of significant loss, they have the community’s best interest at heart. Today, Lennox leadership spearheaded by Lennox President and Chief Operating Officer Doug Young, commented to Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa Economic Development Authority Director Debi Durham and local community leaders that Lennox is committed to restore operations as quickly as possible. Additionally, Lennox wants to put its skilled employees, which the company highly values, back to work, support local businesses and help with community-wide recovery.”

After the tornado, many employees were scared the company would not rebuild as the company did not announce whether they would or not.

Greer and the City Council released the following statement after its meeting Monday:

“The events of July 19th have left the City Council Members and me deeply saddened at what our residents are experiencing. This community is our home and to see others in distress puts a burden on all of us to overcome. The landscape of our community while never be the same, and we must mourn that loss.

We also must, however, look to the future as well. We know this is difficult time to do this, but please know that the City of Marshalltown with other community partners will ensure that Marshalltown comes out of this disaster a stronger, better community. Marshalltown Strong!

I want to put an end to a rumor that has been going around about Lennox Industries. Lennox was founded in Marshalltown, and it will be staying in Marshalltown. I have heard these words directly from Doug Young, President and Chief Operating Officer of Lennox and want everyone to know that Lennox will continue to be the employer and community partner that it has always been.

The collaborative spirit of our community and neighbors helping neighbors and Iowans helping Iowans has been heartwarming and has brought many of us to tears. I cannot begin to thank all of those who have supported Marshalltown, but on behalf of the City Council and myself, thank you for being with us in our most desperate hour and the many months to come.”