New tornado damage numbers released

After several weeks of assessments by city and county officials, as well as volunteers, updated tornado damage numbers were released Thursday.

According to a statement released by Marshall County Emergency Management coordinator Kim Elder, 2,020 of the 4,607 parcels of property in the tornado impact area had damage measurable from “affected” to “destroyed,” a rate of 43 percent.

The following damage categories are used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), according to the release. The assessments were done by parcel, not individual building unit.

Residential assessments by property:

• Destroyed – 27

• Major – 211

• Minor – 905

• Affected – 668

Commercial assessments by property:

• Destroyed – 25

• Major – 29

• Minor – 114

• Affected – 41


“Destroyed” means the property is a total loss and repairs aren’t feasible.

“Major” means the property sustained significant structural damages and requires extensive repairs.

“Minor” means the property had damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the residence.

“Affected” means there was minimal damage to the exterior and/or contents of the home.

“All data was shared with the state and federal agencies that made a request. These statistics are very vital in opening up grants and programs at the state and federal levels and to add to the letter the Governor (Kim Reynolds) sent to the President (Donald Trump) to request a presidential disaster declaration,” the statement read. “Numbers will continue to fluctuate, somewhat, over the next few weeks due to additional information from insurance companies, self-reporting, structural engineer data, etc.”


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