An artful return

Tama father-son spray-paint duo create another piece at Oktemberfest

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS Spray painting father-and-son duo Dye Davenport, left, and Darian Davenport, right, returned to Marshalltown to create another graffiti mural at Oktemberfest Friday evening.

First responders were still going house-to-house and a curfew had been set in Marshalltown when Tama father-son duo Dye and Darian Davenport created an inspiring spray paint mural on July 19 after the tornado.

The pair returned to create another mural during Friday’s Oktemberfest celebrations at the Central Iowa Fairgrounds.

“This is just a random picture,” Dye said. “Hopefully everybody likes it.”

The new mural features a person next to a large pencil – complete with eyeballs – and a brush. Toward the top of the piece the letters MAF, for Marshalltown Arts Festival, were emblazoned in blue and green.

Their July 19 mural was made at the Marshalltown Skate Park and features a tornado with an angry face, the date and the message “Marshalltown, Stay Strong” in blue letters with a red background.

“I didn’t really think about it much, I just thought ‘Wow, that’s a lot of people,'” 13-year-old Darian said of the attention the July 19 piece garnered.

The painting created Friday evening measured 8-feet-tall by 8-feet-wide and will be on display for the rest of the weekend. The effort was sponsored by the Marshalltown Art Festival.


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