Flood impacts by river level

Along with current river conditions data, the National Weather Service also provides an online list of Iowa River levels and the consequences for different stages of flooding for the Marshalltown area.

That list goes as follows:

26 feet – Water reaches the top of the earthen levee along the river at Iowa Highway 14.

22 feet – Water reaches the low beams of the Iowa Highway 14 bridge.

21.5 feet – Water affects several roads east of Marshalltown, including U.S. Highway 30, East Main Street Road and Zeller Avenue.

21.4 feet – Water covers both lanes of Iowa Highway 14 north of Marshalltown.

21.2 feet – Water covers several gravel roads north and northwest of Marshalltown, including Stanley Mill Road, North Center Street, Oaks Avenue and Prairie Avenue.

21 feet – Iowa (Highway) 330 south of Albion — near Timmons Grove County Park — is closed. Most of Timmons Grove County Park floods.

20.5 feet – In Albion, parts of Marsh Avenue, Stanley Mill Road and 160th Street flood. Iowa Highway 330 is threatened near the Linn Creek overpass, which is located west of Marshalltown, about two miles northeast of the US Highway 30 junction.

20 feet – Water approaches the top of the concrete bridge piers of the Iowa Highway 14 bridge.

19.5 feet – The southbound lanes of Iowa Highway 14 flood. Iowa Highway 330 south of Albion floods.

19 feet – Water affects Iowa Highway 14 north of the river as well as Iowa Highway 330 south of Albion.

18 feet – Widespread agricultural and lowland flooding occur along Iowa Highway 330 south of Albion.

17 feet – Roads within Timmons Grove County Park are threatened, as is the bicycle path along 18th Avenue in Marshalltown.

16.5 feet – The underside of the primary concrete support span of Iowa Highway 14 is affected.

16 feet – The access road serving north portions of Timmons Grove County Park floods.

15 feet – Water approaches the bridge crossing from the County Three Bridges Road east of Marshalltown. Water affects agricultural land.

14 feet – There is lowland flooding north of town near Iowa Highway 14.

For more information, visit https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?gage=miwi4&wfo=dmx