Local group collecting donations for flood relief

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Local volunteers stand with some supplies that will be sent to western Iowa and Nebraska flood victims next week.

A local group called the Dream Team is again coming together to help people in need, but instead of a local tornado this time they are sending supplies to flood victims along the Missouri River.

Western Iowa and much of Nebraska were suddenly under water earlier this week as snow melt and rain combined to swell the river, inundating thousands of acres of land. Marshalltown man Jake Rowley said he wants to show that area the kindness outsiders showed Marshalltown after the July 19 tornado.

“Obviously we’re not completely recovered yet, but we’re in a way better position than we were July 20,” he said. “There’s a reason for that, and a lot of that has to do with outside resources that came in.”

He said the group is collecting everything from bottled water to baby supplies and clothing to cleaning materials. Items like breathing masks, gloves and box fans are also being sought to fight off mold after the water recedes.

The initial drive will run through Monday. Then, Rowley plans to take three other volunteers and drive to the flooded area to begin giving out supplies and helping however possible.

“Once I get over there I’m going to learn more stuff,” he said.

One of the volunteers set to join Rowley on the trip is REM Director Aly Wenner.

“When the tornado hit, I kind of did the same thing with Jake,” she said. “When we heard about the flooding, it wasn’t even really a question.”

Wenner said she hopes to stay in the area at least two days next week and help pass out supplies.

Rowley said he hopes to continue the flow of supplies from Marshalltown to the flood area, where he wants to stay for a longer term.

Wenner is helping collect some supplies during the day, but Rowley said donors should drop their supplies off at Jeff Linton’s State Farm office, 207 E. Church St.

Rowley said he has been telling potential donors in Marshalltown the same message.

“A lot of people helped us, guys. Now it’s our turn.”

For more information, visit Rowley’s and Wenner’s Facebook pages.


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