Binford House to serve first ever pre-prom dinner

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ The pre-prom meal at the Binford House will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. April 27. It will consist of a pasta meal catered by Leona Wallen (pictured). Seating is limited.

Attendees of this year’s Marshalltown High School prom will have a new pre-prom dining option: a catered meal at Binford House, 110 N. Second Ave.

Prom will take place April 27 with a promenade from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Roundhouse main gym, with the dance slated from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Roundhouse Phase II gym.

The dinner at Binford House will be served from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., with doors opening at 5 p.m. Seating is limited to 40 people.

“Because of the size of high school classes, it’s hard for the larger schools to find one venue to hold everyone for a meal, so students find alternatives on their own, and we wanted to be an option,” Binford Board Member Joann Neven said. “We hope this could be an annual affair, and do it with other schools, but we thought we’d just dip one foot in the water with this and start with Marshalltown’s prom.”

The historic Binford House, complete with a marble fireplace, curved stairway, piano and 19th century furnishings, also affords the backdrop for potential photo ops.

“This is open to students attending the Marshalltown prom — couples, small groups, etc. are welcome,” she said.

Prom, which is short for promenade, has its origins in the late 19th century. Originally an event for college students, primarily attending schools in the northeast, prom has its roots in debutante balls.

The meal will consist of a pasta buffet with chicken and red and white sauce, green salad, bread sticks, cupcakes and beverages. No alcohol will be served. The meal will be catered by Leona Wallen, owner of Your Plate or Mine, who said she enjoys preparing special meals in the historic home.

Cost is $20 per person. Reservations are required by April 20 by calling 641-753-5450.

Funds raised from the dinner will benefit general operating expenses for the Binford House, which sustained some damage in the July 2018 tornado.

Binford House was built in 1874 for Thaddeus Binford and his family. The home is overseen by the Marshalltown Federation of Women’s Club, whose president is David Giese.

The Binford House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, may be rented for social events, celebrations and other gatherings.


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