Our town, our people — Amber Danielson


“Our town, our people” is a weekly Q&A with a local resident who is active in the community. Have a suggestion for someone we should talk to? Email T-R news editor Emily Barske at ebarske@timesrepublican.com. 

Amber Danielson is executive director at Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance. She was born and raised in Marshalltown, moved away for a few years and has been back for almost five years.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: “I am passionate about my family and helping make Marshalltown a place for people to want to live, work and play. My husband Cole and I were born and raised in Marshalltown. We intentionally came back after moving away for a short period of time to raise a family in the community because we are proud to call it home.”

Q: What community activities do you participate in?

A: “My position as Executive Director at the Arts and Cultural Alliance provides me with the opportunity to be active in a lot of the exciting things at the local and state level. I am currently involved in the 13th Street Board, Marshalltown Public Art Committee, Vision Marshalltown, The Fisher Art Collection Advisory Council, Marshalltown’s Board of Adjustments, Iowa Arts Council and the Marshalltown Art Festival. In addition, my family enjoys utilizing the library, Grimes Farm, the Marshalltown Trail System and all the great parks in the area.”

Q: What do you enjoy about this community?

A: “I love the people of Marshalltown. We have a really great community, full of awesome leaders that are doing some really great things in our town. [We have] all the great recourses for people to be active, and be involved.”

Q: What changes do you feel need to be made in the community?

A: “I hope to see continued and greater support for the Marshalltown Community School District. I am a proud graduate of MHS and strongly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the opportunities, education and support I received from the Marshalltown Schools. Go Bobcats.”

Q: What advice would you pass on to young people?

A: “Find what it is you’re passionate about, and get involved. If you try something and it isn’t for you, find something else. Since moving back to Marshalltown almost five years ago, I have seen firsthand the impact people are making by volunteering, joining a board, serving on a committee, attending City Council meetings, or simply attending our local events and activities. When you’re connected in the community and state you live in, you will quickly find it is a win/win for you and the community.”

Q: What is your favorite Marshalltown activity?

A: “The Marshalltown Art Festival.”

Q: What social activity or event would you like to see come to Marshalltown and why?

A: “I don’t think we necessarily need more; we just need people to come out and support the things we are already doing. There is never a shortage of things to do in Marshalltown.”