Montana Gov. Bullock tour Meskwaki Settlement

TAMA NEWS-HERALD/TOLEDO CHRONICLE PHOTO BY JOHN SPEER - Democrat presidential candidate and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock speaks during a campaign stop at the Sac and Fox Tribal Gym on the Meskwaki Settlement on Friday.

“It’s kind of like what Mo Udall (Democrat U.S. Rep. Arizona 1961-91) said, ‘When the Democrats form a firing squad, we form a circle,'” was Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s response when asked how he would unite the Democrat Party upon his being nominated for president.

“Of the 24 running, we have to focus on our similarities not differences and we’ve got to win places we didn’t in 2016,” he said. “I’ve demonstrated we can lead people in health care and climate change…”

Bullock threw his hat into the ring on Tuesday and was quick to journey to Iowa, the site of the first-in-the-nation test. He has joined the seemingly ever-growing list of more than 20 candidates in race.

The governor toured the Meskwaki Settlement and made a campaign appearance at noon at the San and Fox Tribal Gym on Friday.

He said he had learned of the ongoing search for Reba Blackcloud who has been missing for four years from the Meskwaki Settlement. Bullock said Montana has seven recognized Native Tribes and he is well aware of the plight of indigenous women.

He touched on ground water concerns, energy usage calling for a “carbon neutral” United States and health care issues.

Bullock was accompanied at the Settlement stop by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Miller endorsed Bullock shortly after his announcement of his bid this week. The governor said Miller and he had become acquainted through service as attorneys general.

Bullock, 53, is in his second term as Montana governor.