Adoption Spotlight — Wren and Diablo

TR PHOTO BY LOGAN METZGER Wren and Diablo are a bonded pair of Shepard mixes that are currently looking for a forever home at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown. They love running and snuggling and are very friendly.

The Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown currently has more than 40 animals who need loving homes and caring families. This includes dogs, cats and even some smaller critters like guinea pigs. Here is the adoption spotlight of the week: Wren and Diablo.

Wren and Diablo have been with the Animal Rescue League since November 17, 2018 and are currently the dogs who have been there the longest. They were surrendered to the Animal Rescue League from their previous owners because the owners did not have time to take care of two large dogs.

Wren is an 8-year-old female shepherd mix. She weighs 75 pounds and is very tall. Diablo is an 8-year-old male shepherd mix. He also weighs 75 pounds and is very tall.

They are a bonded sibling pair, meaning that the Animal Rescue League will only adopt them out to families who will take both of them.

Courtney Petersen, a staff member at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown, said they enjoy running, playing fetch, snuggling together and playing with refillable interactive toys. They are friendly with other dogs.

“We really hope they go somewhere they can run around and play,” Petersen said.

Petersen said they are good with grooming, have no medical issues and are good with getting into a routine. She also said that they should probably go to a home with older kids, due to the size of the dogs and that they might be able to knock smaller children down.

“They are just straightforward, pretty awesome dogs,” Peterson said.

The adoption fee for this bonded pair is $175. Those interested in giving Wren and Diablo a forever home can pick up an adoption application at the front desk. A downloadable copy of the application is also available at www.arlmarshalltown.com.


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