Development plan for West End Park approved

T-R PHOTO BY MIKE DONAHEY — The local West End Park on North 13th Street. In the background is Futsal courts.

The Marshalltown city council and 13th Street District see a bright future ahead for West End Park.

At 4.9 acres, it is smaller than Riverside Park and Anson Park. Regardless, West End Park has futsal courts not found at Riverside Park or Anson Park.

West End Park is popular in the neighborhood which includes the Embers Retirement Community, Iowa Veterans Home, West End Perk and more.

The park’s popularity may have been a factor in the council voting unanimously at Monday night’s regular meeting to approve a resolution re-allocating $13,000 from a $36,267 insurance payment for a West End Park outdoor shelter destroyed in the July 19 tornado. The $13,000 will fund a master plan for the park.

It will be prepared by Bolton & Menk of Des Moines. That firm prepared Parks & Recreation’s Master Plan awhile ago.

City Administrator Jessica Kinser said the tornado’s destruction of the shelter saved the city a future headache.

“The shelter’s destruction was not the worst thing in the world,” Kinser said. “We were having discussions about how close the concrete (pad) was to the creek … erosion was increasing so it was becoming a hazard. That led to more discussions with the 13th Street District representatives.”

13th Street District President Neil Dalal addressed the council and told them the group supports the re-allocation.

“We are supportive of this plan and will be working collaboratively with the city administrator, Parks and Recreation Director Geoff Hubbard and Bolton & Menk,” Dalal said. Kinser said completion and council acceptance of a West End Park master plan will give the district more opportunities to apply for grants.