Our town, our people — Tim Hillygus


“Our town, our people” is a weekly Q&A with a local resident who is active in the community. Have a suggestion for someone we should talk to? Email T-R news editor Emily Barske at ebarske@timesrepublican.com. 

Tim Hillygus is a captain at the Marshalltown fire department and has lived in Marshalltown for 56 years.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: “Family, very much so. Professional baseball and golf are hobbies; that’s what I like to do.”

Q: What community activities do you participate in?

A: “Oktemberfest and the farmer’s market.”

Q: What do you enjoy about this community?

“I like that it’s a small-town atmosphere; that’s what I like most about it, (and) the people.”

Q: What changes do you feel need to be made in the community?

“I would like to see more business in Marshalltown, as far as stores and stuff like that, so people don’t have to leave town to go shopping. That’s the big change I would like to see. I know that’s hard to do. I’d like to see more growth, as far as the industries. So, it will bring more jobs in, good paying jobs, and I know that’s hard to do.”

Q: What advice would you pass on to young people?

A: “Study hard and go after your passion. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do anything.”

Q: What is your favorite Marshalltown activity?

A: “Probably Oktemberfest just because it encompasses a lot of different things to do. Probably the bands — I like that.”

Q: What social activity or event would you like to see come to Marshalltown and why?

A: “I’d like to see more bands – whatever music. It doesn’t really matter because it will appeal to somebody. I would like to see more events like that. Any public event where people can come together; make it feel like that small-town atmosphere.”