Mega 10 Park keeps kids busy this summer

T-R PHOTOS BY LOGAN METZGER Mega 10 Park is one of Marshalltown’s larger parks and the only one with a zip line. It has amenities ranging from an open air shelter to bathroom facilities and trail access.

Editor’s note: This twice weekly series will spotlight some of Marshalltown’s 22 parks. Parks are a way for families to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city and a way for the city to bring the outdoors to families.

Mega 10 Park is one of the larger parks in Marshalltown. With 15.5 acres, this helps make it a popular destination near the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA and Aquatic Center.

“One of the cool parts of this park is the caboose, which kids can climb on and explore,” Geoff Hubbard, director of Marshalltown Parks and Recreation, said.

The park has a bright yellow caboose that has been a staple of the park for years and is one of the park’s defining features.

Mega 10 Park has many other amenities than an immobile caboose. These include three open air shelters with picnic tables, which are perfect for afternoon gettogethers at the park or a Sunday brunch with friends. Near the shelters there are grills which can be used by the public. There is also ample green space at Mega 10 Park, where games of soccer or tag could be played.

T-R PHOTOS BY LOGAN METZGER The bright yellow caboose is a staple at Mega 10 Park and was donated by Union Pacific who does upkeep on it.

A big asset to the park is being right next to the Linn Creek Recreational Trail, which connects Riverview Park to Grimes Farm.

Mega 10 Park is newly renovated with the addition of new playground equipment. The equipment at the park includes baby swings and regular swings, various slides and climbing equipment, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole and various sensory equipment. The newest equipment piece is the zip line that was added.

The park has bathroom facilities, which include a drinking fountain.

Mega 10 Park is located at 802 Third-Sixth St.


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