Monthly Blacksmithing Hammer-in to be held Oct. 12 in Haverhill

HAVERHILL – The public, and especially those who have a desire to learn more about the art of blacksmithing, are invited to come to a monthly blacksmithing Hammer-In at the shop next to the Mathew Edel Museum in Haverhill. The next event is this Saturday Oct. 12.

According to Phil Cox, this hammer-in is a meeting of local members of the Upper Midwest Blacksmithing Association that meets on the second Saturday of each month in Haverhill (except for January and February.)

The hammer-in is a time when many can gather to practice and celebrate the art of blacksmithing. It begins at 8:30 in the morning and continues until all the members finish the work that they want to make during the day (usually somewhere between noon and 3 p.m.)

Cox said that there are usually about four or five members that participate, but that they have had as many as nine or 10 at some of the meetings. The public is invited to come and watch the blacksmiths work, and even give it a try themselves if they so desire.

For more information call Cox at 641-751-2009 or Bill Roads at 641-485-4557


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