Winter storms elicit snow ordinance reminders

When the Marshalltown Public Works department declares a snow emergency for Marshalltown, you should remove your vehicles from the designated emergency snow routes in order to help facilitate snow removal operations. The Marshalltown Police Department will ticket and tow vehicles found parked on the emergency snow routes. Vehicles are towed at the owner’s expense. Snow ordinance parking restrictions will remain in effect until plowing operations conclude.

Maps of designated snow routes are available on the City of Marshalltown website, main page under the Community tab at www.marshalltown-ia.gov. Maps are available in the lobby of the police department. Snow routes are clearly marked by red and white street signs.

Additionally, there are non-snow routes where parking is prohibited during snow removal operations. These streets include:

• All Cul-De-Sac Circles

• South 16th Street from Church Street to Linn Street

• East side of South Fourth Avenue from Church Street to Nevada Street

• South Sixth Street from Main Street to Madison Street

• North Sixth Street from Highland Drive to Jerome Street

• North Eighth Street from Summit Street to State Street

• East Boone Street from Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue

• Highland Drive from Fifth Street to Sixth Street

• West Linn Street from 16th Street to a point 861-feet east

• Melody Lane

• Noble Street from South Seventh Avenue to South Eighth Avenue

• Wood Street from South Seventh Avenue to South Eighth Avenue

• Young Street

Any vehicle found parked on these streets during snow removal operations will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Residents and business owners cannot remove snow from private property and push it onto public property.

The abutting property owner is required to remove all accumulations of snow and ice from public sidewalks located upon street and alley terraces and from the public sidewalks located upon his, her or their privately-owned property.

It shall be unlawful for any person to push, pile, deposit or leave deposited any snow or frozen materials removed from any private drive or private parking area upon any public street or thoroughfare or upon or in front of the private property or the private drive of another.

While snow ordinance parking restrictions only apply to the designated snow routes and the streets mentioned above, residents are encouraged to cease all on street parking during snow events. Your assistance with this request allows city crews the space they need to remove snow from all city streets.