Window art to grace 13th Street District

Temporary window art will be seen in windows of the 13th Street District during the next few weeks.

The project is possible through a partnership of the Marshall County Arts and Culture Alliance and the 13th Street District.

The art will be vibrant, inspirational and a way to thank essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The head of the District Events Committee, Heidi Draisey, is pleased with the partnership and looks forward to the transformation of store fronts.

“The beauty of this project is that it is easily accessible by many and is meant for our community to enjoy safely while bringing a smile to all who come through the district during the challenging times we are experiencing right now,” Draisey said.

Participating artist Kayla McGehee said “It’s easy right now to feel disconnected. Projects like these remind you that you are part of a greater whole.”

Amber Danielson, the executive director of the Alliance said the organization is providing opportunities for the community of Marshalltown to connect with arts and culture in unique ways.

“We highly value partnerships with local organizations to support and promote the arts in our community,” Danielson said. “We believe we are stronger together and we are continuously in awe of the creative organizations and individuals we have in this community.”

The owner of Lillie Mae, Aimee Deimerly, who announced an opening of the popular candy business in the 13th Street District, is excited to support the community, local artists and healthcare heroes.

“The paintings will be fun and cheerful,” Deimerly said. “Even though our businesses are closed right now, we want to make sure people know we are thinking about them and we support them.”


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