Futsal returns

T-R file photo The futsal courts in West End Park will reopen Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Futsal players can rejoice.

The futsal courts of Marshalltown will reopen 4 p.m. Tuesday at West End Park, according to the Marshalltown Parks and Recreation Department.

The courts are open but will not be sanitized daily so players are being asked to use at their own risk.

“We are encouraging players to maintain social distancing when possible and limit the number of players on each court during games,” said Geoff Hubbard, Parks & Recreation Director. “The bleachers will be fenced off due to the construction project going on in the park so we are recommending players use the parking lot area to the west as the location to wait for the next game or a court to open.”

The courts were closed because of nearby construction and because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you are sick or have a fever over 100 degrees we are recommending players stay at home,” Hubbard said.


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